Skutch AS-6
Audiophile Telephone Single-Line Simulator

The AS-6 is the perfect solution for applications that require frequent prompt recording.  This unit provides both Microphone and Line level inputs.  The unit also has adjustable volume and an 8 LED VU meter to provide the maximum in record efficiency.  A MUTE button is supplied so you can monitor from the local phone without interference to the recording.  An audio output jack that allows you to make archive recordings from your voice system is also supplied.
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The AS-6 is installed between the telephone line and a port on your voice system.  The AS-6 provides a button that allows you to switch between your telephone line and local access.  During local access, you have the option of allowing the AS-6 to "BUSY" your telephone line so no calls go unanswered.  The unit is provided with a manual RING-UP switch for activating your voice card.   The unit also features an "IN USE" light that shows when the voice card is currently active.

The AS-6 installs easily via RJ-14 modular connectors and operates from standard 110VAC house power.

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