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Skutch AS-55
Automatic Telephone Single-Line Simulator

The AS-55 is a Telephone Single Line Simulator designed to be permanently installed between your computer and its telephone lines.  Both lines going through the AS-55 are normally connected to your computer, and whenever you need to get your messages, just take your local phone "OFF HOOK" and the AS-55 will automatically connect you to port 1 on your Voice Card; or if a call is already in progress, the AS-55 will give you a simulated "BUSY" signal.

If you get the "BUSY" signal, you can hang up the phone and try again later; or, you can use the AS-55's exclusive CALL-BACK feature that will let your customer finish his business and then the AS-55 will "RING UP" the local telephone and connect you to the Voice Card.  The AS-55 even allows you to interrupt a customer's call so you can access your Voice Card in an emergency.

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Hookup couldn't be simpler; just connect the AS-55, via modular connectors, to either a single port or dual port Voice Card and connect a simple telephone to the AS-55.  The AS-55 also has a 3.5mm mini jack for both recording HIGH quality audio onto the voice card, and to make tape archives of your messages.

APPS: Sharing a Voice Port between Local Access and a Telephone Line

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