Skutch AS-4A
Basic Telephone Line Simulator

The AS-4A was designed to meet the rising demand for an inexpensive, quality telephone line simulator.  This unit simulates a standard analog telephone company line.  An RJ-11 single line jack that you can connect to your Voice Card or other Telecommunication Device is provided.  Then just connect a simple telephone to the RJ-11 jack labeled PHONE and plug the unit into 110VAC house power.

To operate, take the telephone "OFF HOOK" then momentarily put the switch in the RING position.  When the Voice Card activates, you will have talk battery, and you will be able to use the touch tones on your telephone for control codes as needed.  When you finish, simply hang up the telephone and the AS-4A will send a "CPC" or "WINK" disconnect signal to make the Voice Card disconnect immediately.

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Also provided is a 3.5mm jack for downloading High quality audio from any standard tape recorder to the AS-4; or you can even connect the jack to the MICROPHONE input on the tape recorder to make a tape archive of your messages.  To use the Audio In/Out jack, simply connect it to the tape recorder as desired, take the telephone "OFF HOOK", "RING UP" the Voice Card and do your audio transfer.

HINT: To eliminate background audio, from the office, being recorded, you can unplug the handset from the telephone (only if the touch tone key pad is not part of the handset), or use a telephone with a MUTE feature and use this feature.

APPS: High Quality Message Download/Upload, Simple Testing/Demos.

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