Shimpo DT-5TS-DC
Economical Panel Indicator 9-35 VDC Power

  • Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
  • Large 6 digit LED display plus two smaller 6 digit secondary displays allow easy viewing from greater distances
  • Scalable programming gives user the flexibility to set up and monitor virtually any process
  • Selectable update time allows operator to speed up/slow down display changes to facilitate process
  • Wide range power voltage (85 – 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz) eliminates need for having to purchase and wire an additional power transformer
  • Great versatility with multiple sensor input capability in one unit: NPN open collector, contact and square or sine wave sensor inputs
  • Front cover protection eliminates accidental bumping of keypad to incorrect program
  • IP66 front cover protection keeps water out, enables usage in compatible plant wash-down operations
  • DC power source output to power compatible sensors saves money by eliminating need for separate power supply
  • Selectable decimal point enables higher resolution display potential
  • 1/8 DIN size panel cut out permits easy, industry-standard mounting
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Product Information
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The Shimpo DT-5TS economical panel indicator is ideal for speed and process time monitoring when combined with a compatible in-line sensor. Loaded with features found in more expensive units, the Shimpo DT-5TS panel indicator is extremely versatile with selectable inputs. The Shimpo DT-5TS is fully scalable and possesses three selectable modes, allowing it to measure and display RPM/linear speed/rate, elapsed time and process time. Each panel indicator accepts a variety of signal inputs from any sensor providing an NPN, contact, sine wave, or square wave such as pulse generators, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, magnetic sensors and NPN OC transistors. Typical applications can range from machine operation timing, rate of change monitoring such as on a conveyor, elapsed time of oven curing, etc. with any variety of compatible sensor inputs desired.
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DT-5TS-DC Shimpo DT-5TS-DC Economical Panel Indicator 9-35 VDC Power Buy  Now Sale $207.00
(Reg. $230.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Mounting adapter, 2 pieces (attached)
  • 1 - Mounting screw, 2 pieces (attached)
  • 1 - Decal sheet
  • 1 - Front button protective cover (attached)
  • 1 - Manual
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