Shimpo DJ2-G
Proximity Sensor

  • Square wave output signal
  • Pre-wired, 6.5 ft. cable assembly
  • Zero-sensing capability
  • Lightweight and small
  • Can be used with single projection head or
    10DP gear.
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Shimpo DJ2-G Shown

Product Information
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DJ2-G is an economical solution for proximity sensing switch. DJ2-G is designed to detect metal when placed in front of a sensing surface. Metal objects positioned adjacent to or behind the sensor will not normally be detected. Features a pre-wired, 6.5 ft. cable assembly, zero-sensing capability, lightweight and small package size. It can be used with a single projection head or a 10DP gear

Specification DJ2-G
Activating Distance with Iron Object 2mm (0.079”)
Activating Distance with Aluminum Max 1 kHz
Cable Length 2M (6.5) ft.
Mounting Thread M14 x 1
Dimensions (M14 x 1) x 32 mm (1.25")
Ordering Information
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DJ2-G Shimpo DJ2G 2 wire proximity switch, includes 6.5' cable  Buy Now Sale $40.50
(Reg. $45.00)
Included Items
  • 1 - Pre Wired 6.5 ft cable assembly
  • 1 - User Manual