Sencore SLM 1475
All Format RF Signal Analyzer

  • Terrestrial
    • Accurately measures analog and digital signal levels
    • Full-color, decoded ATSC video for quick visual quality assurance
    • Digital quality measurements including MER, Noise Margin, Pre/Post BER and Average Peak Level
  • Cable
    • Full tuning capabilities from 7-1000Mhz for both analog and digital signals including QAM 64 and QAM 256 Annex B
    • Provides accurate signal level measurements, plus signal quality measurement for analog and digital signals including C/N, Pre/Post BER, MER, EVM, and Constellation
    • 4" Color video display for quick visual inspection and for easily displaying results to a customer to ensure satisfaction
    • Spectral display for efficient visual inspection of all channels, or for identifying signal interference problems on a single channel
  • Satellite
    • Accurately measure analog and digital QPSK for signal level as well as digital quality measurements including noise margin, MER and EVM
    • Capable of receiving DSS, DVB-S, DVB-S2, QPSK and 8PSK digital signals and measuring Noise Margin, MER, EVM and BER
    • Pre-programmed satellite and transponder channel plan for ease of use
    • Exclusive "Sat Finder" feature for quick satellite discovery and dish alignment
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Sencore SLM 1475
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The Sencore SLM 1475 enables today’s RF professional to test and analyze a variety of RF signals, including terrestrial (off-air), satellite, and cable signals. The SLM 1475 also provides decoded video and program streams for all in-the-clear channels.
Analog and Digital TV, FM Radio, QAM and Satellite Signal Analyzer
TV: 4 to 1010 MHz (FM band included)
Satellite: 930-2150MHz
Digital Modulations Types QPSK - 8PSK - 8VSB - QAM
Measurement Capabilities
Analog TV Field Level
Video Peak Level
Audio Peak Level
Video/Audio Level Ratio
Digital TV Channel Power
Pre-Viterbi and After-Viterbi BER
CATV (QAM) Channel Power
FM Radio Field Level
Analog Satellite Field Level
Digital Satellite Channel Power
Pre-Viterbi and After-Viterbi BER
Complementary/Common Measurements Noise Margin
Signal Automatic Quality Test
RF Spectrum Analysis
Special Functions
MPEG-2 Special Functions Bouquet ID identification
Modulation parameters identification
Service encryption status indicator
Encryption/CA system detection
Bouquet Service List with Audio Video associated PID table
Audio Special Functions Analog TV, FM and FM Radio Audio playback
TV Special Functions TV Auto seek& store
TV Channel Surfing
Antenna pointing aid (Digital) device: buzzer
Bar Scan display
Signal level comparison (tilt) between two users-defined channels
SAT Special Functions Exploring Satellite
Exploring Transponders (SAT)
LNB S.C.R. Driver
DiSEqC Motors Driver
Dual LNB Dish Alignment
"SAT finder" Function
DiSEqC Standard
DC out at RF Feed 5,12,13,18 and 24V
Main Specifications
Dynamic Range -55 to 63 dBmV
Accuracy 2.0 dB
Satellite Measurements Dynamic Range -30 to 63 dBmV
Accuracy 2.5 dB
Tuning & Memory
Signal Tuning/Surfing By transponders (measurement and spectrum analysis)
By frequency value
By program
By channel
Memory Plans 99 total with 199 Transponders per Plan
99 Logger files
Physical Specifications
Interface Info Box Type Graphic, DOT-matrix LCD (64 x 128)
Monitor Type TFT 4" Color Display
Connections/Ports USB 2.0 data connection
Software User upgradable Firmware (also via web)
Physical Size
H x W x D)
4.3" x 10.75" x 6.3"
Weight 5.3 lbs
Battery life (internal) 4 Hours
Ordering Information
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SLM1475 Sencore SLM 1475 All Format RF Signal Analyzer Discontinued
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