Seaward ClareHAL 101 AC/DC Hipot
and DC Insulation Tester

  • AC and DC Flash/Hipot, DCIR and arc detection
  • Internal memory
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Results Memory
  • Automation Option
  • Barcode scanner/printer Option
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Product Information
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The Clare HAL H101 is designed for simple manual testing and automatic mode for large volume applications in the most demanding environments. It is designed for use in manufacturing, laboratory, maintenance and high speed production environments either as a stand-alone test instrument or as an integrated part of a production line system.

Technically the Clare HAL H101 has isolated floating test outputs making it probably the safest hipot/dielectric tester on the market. Carefull consideration has been given to the user interface to enable it to be used manually within laboratory, audit and product compliance environments. Clever use of a barcode scanner will not only automate the production flow, but will enable the product to be linked directly into most ISO quality systems covering production, laboratory and audit usage.

Need to collect test results and prove traceability? The HAL H101 does that too. It will even barcode scan the equipment under test and produce result labels, making the whole test process accurate, efficient and fast. Up to 6000 tests can be stored internally, and software is available to enable download to PC for further analysis or SPC. Test sequences can be automatically configured using a barcode scanner and the tester can be fully controlled from a host device via RS232, or external PLC I/O ports making it ideal for system integration. Due to the high level of flexibility and truly innovative features, the Hal is ideally suited to integration into larger automated systems.

A large, clear, full graphic display presents information either in a numerical or analogue format. Tests can be started and stopped by simply pushing the large buttons on the front of the instrument or choose from a variety of pre-selected automated configurations, including remote PCs, PLCs or interlocks. The advanced electronic design allows the operator to select either 50 or 60 hertz HiPot and Ground Bond Testing, making the instrument truly international in its application. Features such as arc detection and the ability to set maximum and minimum thresholds all combine to enhance the quality of the testing process.
AC Flash/Hipot Test
Voltage Range 0.100 – 5.000kV (programmable)
Voltage Resolution 10V/step (settable)
Voltage Accuracy 1% of reading +/- 2 digits
Maximum Output Current 20mA @5kV 50/60 Hz Selectable
Display Current Range 0.01 – 20.00mA
Current Accuracy 1% of reading +/- 2 digits
Display Current Resolution 0.01mA
DC Flash/Hipot Test
Voltage Range 0.100 – 6.000kV (programmable)
Voltage Resolution 10V/step (settable)
Voltage Accuracy 1% of reading +/- 2 digits
Maximum Output Current 10mA @6kV
Display Current Range 0.01 – 10.00mA
Current Accuracy 1% of reading +/- 2 digits
Display Current Resolution 0.01mA
Output Ripple < 5% @ 6kV
DC Insulation Resistance
DC Output Voltage 250, 500 or 1000V selectable, or fully adjustable from 10 – 1000V
Resistance Ranges Measurement 0.50 – 99.99MΩ and 100.0M – 999.9MΩ
Resistance Ranges (Accuracy) +/-5% of reading, +/- 2 digits (25kΩ - 500MΩ), >500MΩ Indication only
ARC Detect Current 10 Levels
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to +60°C
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H101 Seaward ClareHAL 101 AC/DC Hipot and DC Insulation Tester  Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Mains cord
  • 1 - Calibration certificate
  • 1 - Measuring leads with Kelvin Clips
  • 1 - User Manual