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Small Particle Collection Filter and Storage Bag

Brand: SCS
Model No: FF-1
Our Model No: FF1
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Designed for sample collection
  • For use with model 497AJX

The SCS FF1 Small Particle Collection Filter and Storage Bag is designed for evidence sample collection when used with the Model 497AJX Forensic Vacuum. To help ensure that collected evidence remains pristine and uncontaminated, the system utilizes a specially designed, single-use, disposable filter. The filter is assembled and packaged in an evidence bag. The filter and bag are then inserted into a heat-sealed poly bag to prevent tampering. Double sealing of the filter in an evidence bag, followed by a poly bag, means it is only exposed to evidence collected at the crime scene at the time of use. After the filter has been used, it is then removed from the vacuum hose, capped front and back, and placed in a supplied evidence bag.

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