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Battery Diagnostic Tester,

IBEX Advantages:
  • Meets all IEEE Std. Recommendations for all stationary battery systems
  • Features a multiple built-in automatic measuring algorithm settings. Normal (less than 3 second measurements), Fine and Automatic
  • Automatically measures and stores data through contact probes on xhe battery posts and is capable of measuring numerous cells quickly
  • Can manage the measuring data of batteries in 15 different types of bank strings enabling effective data management, data transfer to PC and easy database operation
  • The world's first compact and light weight tester (fits in the palm of your hand) for easy on-road measurements
  • User friendly displaying most memory items in icon form.
  • On shorted batteries with inside plates the new IBEX measures the battery cell with a lower value of 0.5V and can also measure the intercell resistance easily and instantly
  • Uses a Li-icon battery for maximum usage time (over 4 hours) and features enhanced durability with no moving parts
  • Offers the most comprehensive diagnosis and reporting software package (Exmons Pro 2005)
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