SBS Storage Battery Systems Price List

Test Equipment Price List Discontinued Items
Model Description Buy Online Price
2002-KITSBS 2002-KIT Spare Parts Kit for SBS-2002 (Includes O-ring, Sample tubes, Rubber pump)Buy Now$250.00
600/700-CASE SBS 600/700-CASE Oscilloscope/Multimeter Case Buy Now$35.00
600/700-TEST-LEAD-KIT SBS 600/700-TEST-LEAD-KIT Oscilloscope/Multimeter Test Lead Kit and CaseBuy Now$125.00
GL-1000SBS GL-1000 Constant Current Electronic DC Load TesterBuy Now
H2-JBSBS H2-JB 4 11/16" x 4 11/16" 2-gang Junction BoxBuy Now$25.00
HGDI-JBSBS HGDI-JB Hydrogen Gas Detector Junction BoxBuy NowSale $27.95
(Reg. $35.00)
H2-SENSOR-25FTStorage Battery System H2-SENSOR-25FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 25 ft. cable for SBS-H2Buy Now$525.00
H2-SENSOR-50FTStorage Battery System H2-SENSOR-50FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 50 ft. cable for SBS-H2Buy Now$540.00
H2-SENSOR-100FTStorage Battery System H2-SENSOR-100FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 100 ft. cable for SBS-H2Buy Now$550.00
SBS-1230SSBS SBS-1230S 125 Vdc 0-300Amp Constant Current DC Load BankBuy Now$7,995.00
SBS-2003SBS SBS-2003 Digital Hydrometer / Density MeterBuy Now$2,495.00
SBS-2500SBS SBS-2500 Digital Specific Gravity TesterBuy Now$3,995.00
SBS-2500 ADAPTERSBS Adapter RS-232 to USB Adapter for SBS-2500Buy Now
SBS2500BOOTSBS Protective Boot for SBS-2500Buy Now
SBS-2500 SPARE PARTSSBS Spare Parts, O-Ring Sample Pump, Sample Pump Complete, Sample TubeWasher for SBS-2500Buy Now$250.00
SBS-2500 TUBE/WASHSBS SBS-2500 TUBE/WASH, Sample TubeWasher for SBS-2500Buy Now$60.00
SBS-3500SBS SBS-3500 Digital Hydrometer / Density MeterBuy NowSale $3,890.25
(Reg. $4,095.00)
SBS-3500 7' FILL TUBESBS SBS-3500-FT Filling tube for the SBS-3500Buy Now$95.00
SBS-4830SSBS SBS-4830S 24/48 Vdc 0-150Amp Constant Current DC Load BankBuy Now$6,500.00
SBS-6000SBS SBS-6000 Complete Battery Resistance KitBuy Now
SBS-600SBS SBS-600 Graphical Digital Multimeter and Data Logger with PC InterfaceBuy Now$450.00
SBS-700SBS SBS-700 Multi-Function Oscilloscope and Multimeter with USB PC Integration SoftwareBuy Now$1,200.00
SBS-8400SBS SBS-8400 Battery Capacitor Tester with MonitoringBuy Now$14,495.00
SBS-H2Storage Battery System SBS-H2 Hydrogen Gas Detector, Visual and Audible AlarmsBuy Now$995.00