Storage Battery Systems SBS-H2
Hydrogen Gas Detector, Visual and Audible Alarms

  • Universal power inputs: 110/220 VAC and/or 12 – 48 VDC input
  • Push button diagnostic test
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Sensor has a temperature rating of -4° F to 176° F
  • Can operate in a wide range of temperatures and humidity
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The SBS-H2 Hydrogen Detector is a complete hydrogen monitoring system with visual and audible alarms.

The Storage Battery Systems SBSH2 comes complete with the main display, a highly accurate hydrogen gas sensor and a 25 ft. cable. This unit can be powered with either AC or DC power and can be mounted directly to a wall or to an electrical box making it extremely versatile and very user friendly.

The SBS-H2 includes relays for remote connection to alarm/monitoring systems and for control of external relays or an exhaust fan.


  • Dual AC or DC power supply connections
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Provides coverage redundancy in large monitoring spaces (up to 3 sensors)
  • Sensor LEDs indicate which sensor is detecting hydrogen
  • If loss of power, system will open 1% relay
  • Protects life, property and company profits
  • Modular design detector does not require complete replacement for repairs


  • Wall or 2-gang junction box mountable
  • Mechanical relays are easily accessible:
    • Warning 1% relay, 15A @ 120VAC; 10A @ 277VAC; 10A @ 28VDC
    • Alarm 2% relay 1A resistive @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 125VAC
  • Redundant power supply capability (DC power supply will operate as backup power source)
  • SBS-H2 display allows for 3 sensor inputs to increase coverage area
  • Display and relays can be tested by pushing the red “TEST” button
  • Sensors can be tested in the field with the P/N H2-TESTKIT option

SBS-H2 System Diagram

Warning Settings: When 1% hydrogen is present in the air the yellow warning light will come on and the warning relay contact will close allowing power to peripherals, such as a vent fan or other devices.

Alarm Settings: When at least 2% hydrogen is present in the air the red warning light will come on and an audible alarm and strobe activate with corresponding Sensor LED. In addition, a second alarm relay contact will close, which can be used to shut down the system or notify a building alarm system or other devices.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Now Price
SBS-H2 Storage Battery System SBS-H2 Hydrogen Gas Detector, Visual and Audible Alarms Buy Now Sale $950.23
(Reg. $995.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Main Body/Display
  • 1 - Hydrogen Sensor
  • 1 - 25ft Cable
* AC Power Cord is not included
Optional Accessories
H2-SENSOR-25FT Storage Battery System H2-SENSOR-25FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 25 ft. cable for SBS-H2 Buy Now Sale $472.73
(Reg. $495.00)
H2-SENSOR-50FT Storage Battery System H2-SENSOR-50FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 50 ft. cable for SBS-H2 Buy Now Sale $491.83
(Reg. $515.00)
H2-SENSOR-100FT Storage Battery System H2-SENSOR-100FT Additional Hydrogen Sensor with 100 ft. cable for SBS-H2 Buy Now Sale $501.38
(Reg. $525.00)
H2-JB SBS H2-JB 4 11/16" x 4 11/16" 2-gang Junction Box Buy Now Sale $23.88
(Reg. $25.00)
E190399 Storage Battery System E190399 AC Power Cord, 110V/10A, 10ft, NA Plug Buy Now Sale $14.33
(Reg. $15.00)