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Storage Battery Systems SBS-8400

Programmable Constant Current DC Load Bank with Monitoring, 10-300VDC, 120ADC, 120VAC Line Input

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Brand: Storage Battery Systems
Model No: SBS-8400
Our Model No: SBS8400
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 120VAC Line Input
  • Wide voltage and current range: 10-300V DC / 0-120 Amps
  • 5.7 in. LCD touch screen
  • 30 parameter presets that can be adjusted during testing
  • Selectable discharge mode: constant current (amps) / power (kW)
  • 4 adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs
  • Low system voltage: 0-250V DC
  • Discharge time: 0-99 Hour 99 Min.
  • Discharge capacity: 0-9999 Ah
  • Low cell voltage: 0-15.00V
  • View test data in real time on screen or with computer via RS232
  • Automatically discharges batteries unmanned without danger of over-discharging
  • Individual cell monitoring capabilities via wireless modules
  • Can be used on a variety of systems with lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries
  • Test parameters are adjustable during test
  • Automatically protects and saves data from an unexpected test stop/end
  • Download data after discharge to USB drive
  • Can be slaved with other load banks to increase amp draw up to 720 Amps


  • Telecommunications
  • Utility
  • UPS
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Critical power
  • Data center

The Storage Battery Systems SBS-8400 DC Load Bank 10-300V DC 0-120 Amp is a versatile and fully programmable, constant current discharge load bank with individual cell monitoring capabilities and detailed data acquisition. The unit features a user-friendly touch screen menu and a complete built-in data monitoring/acquisition system when paired with wireless modules and software. The SBS-8400 is a high-tech solution for easy, efficient collection of data and generation of records for archiving.

  • 2 - 6ft DC Cables
  • 1 - 3ft Power Cord
  • 1 - RS232 Wire
  • 1 - Case with Wheels
  • 1 - Computer Analysis Software
  • 1 - User Manual
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BCT110/220-1000 Storage Battery Systems BCT110/220-1000 750 Watt Voltage Transformer Add to Cart


MODULE-1.2/2-25 Storage Battery Systems MODULE-1.2/2-25 1.2/2V Wireless Module for Model SBS-8400 25-Count Add to Cart


MODULE-1.2/2-30 Storage Battery Systems MODULE-1.2/2-30 1.2/2V Wireless Module for Model SBS-8400 30-Count Add to Cart


MODULE-2/6/12-15 Storage Battery Systems MODULE-2/6/12-15 2/6/12V Wireless Module for Model SBS-8400 15-Count Add to Cart


MODULE-2/6/12-30 Storage Battery Systems MODULE-2/6/12-30 2/6/12V Wireless Module for Model SBS-8400 30-Count Add to Cart


8400-600A Storage Battery Systems 8400-600A 600 DC Current Clamp Add to Cart


SLAVE-CAB-8400>(2)S Storage Battery Systems SLAVE-CAB-8400>(2)S Paralleling Cable for Model SBS-8400 to 2 S-Series Add to Cart


SLAVE-CAB-8400>8400 Storage Battery Systems SLAVE-CAB-8400>8400 Paralleling Cable for SBS-8400 to 8400 or SBS-4815 Add to Cart


SLAVE-CAB-8400>S Storage Battery Systems SLAVE-CAB-8400>S Paralleling Cable for Model SBS-8400 to S-Series Add to Cart


SBS Battery Intro To Battery Load Bank Testing
SBS Battery Intro To Battery Load Bank Testing
SBS 8400 Battery Capacity Tester Load Bank
SBS 8400 Battery Capacity Tester Load Bank
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon 2.7 MB
Manual: PDF Document Icon 2.2 MB
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