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Sauermann DELTAPACK-230V

Condensate Removal Pump Assembly for Wall-Mounted A/C, with Si-10, 230V

Brand: Sauermann
Model No: DELTAPACK-230V
Our Model No: DELTAPACK230V
Condition: NEW
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  • New piston
  • patented technology
  • Increased performance- The Si-10 replaces the SI1102 and the SI1200
  • High resistance to pollution- Capable of discharging small particles
  • Proven reliability-The patented technology inside the pump makes it extremely reliable in any environment
  • The patented technology inside the pump makes it extremely reliable in any environment
  • Low Sound Level
  • 23 dBA Quiet in operation independently tested
  • With noise insulation foam
  • antivibration brackets and direct wall mounting this pump is extremely silent
  • The size of the AC unit and amount of condensate does not affect the operational sound level of the pump
  • Mounting bracket has been designed to reduce vibration transmission to the wall
  • Easy to Install Kit
  • Complete installation kit – All the pieces you’ll need to attractively conceal the condensate pump
  • Reversible – Enabling you to easily mount the pump on the right or the left side of the heat pump or AC unit
  • There are no visible edge to edge connections
  • Enough space for linesets – More room for routing 5/8” - 3/8” tubing
  • Energy Saving
  • Improved performance and high flow rate reduce operation time and energy consumption
  • Easy Plug-In Electrical Connection
  • Quick plug-in power cord makes maintenance and replacement hassle free
  • Easy installation of the pump horizontal insertion from the front
  • Reversible
  • anti-vibration mounting bracket (can be mounted on the right or left of the heat pump or air conditioning unit)
  • Enough space for routing insulated copper tubing (max
  • recommended vpipe size: 3/8” - 5/8” insulated)
  • Plug-in power cord to make maintenance and replacement hassle free
  • Si-10 Piston pump with integrated float detection unit Reversible, anti-vibration mounting bracket
  • Plug in power cable with two safety switch wires (5ft - 1.5m)
  • Ceiling duct cover

The Sauermann Delta Pack 230V, which includes an Si-10 pump, is a complete kit intended for wall mounted air conditioning units up to 5.6 tons (67k Btu/h - 20 kW). The piston technology of the Si-10 is specifically designed for removing condensate from air conditioning systems. With the insulation foam and the wall mounted anti-vibration bracket, the pump’s operating sound level will remain silent (23 dBA) whatever the amount of condensate.

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Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(277 KB)
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