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Sauermann SI-1801-LH-120V

Centrifugal Condensate Tank Pump w/ Low Head, Safety Switch, 132 gph, 120V

Brand: Sauermann
Model No: SI-1801-LH-120V
Our Model No: SI1801120VLH
Condition: NEW
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  • Built to Resist Can endure acidic condensate pH > 2.5
  • Easily removable tank for simple maintenance
  • Oil & acid resistant flow
  • High performance Discharges condensate up to 23'
  • Low sound level = 45 dBA
  • Built-in safety switch
  • Installation versatility
  • Easy Install
  • Pump can be floor mounted, attached to a wall or hung from a ceiling.
  • High Resistance
  • Oil and acid resistant float
  • Mechanical structure resistant to shocks
  • Versatile
  • Easily removable tank for simple maintenance and algae control
  • Reversible pump allows mounting on either side of the installation, and the choice of which side the water exits the pump
  • Easy Connection
  • New quarter turn, easily removable check valve, designed to facilitate 3/8” i.d. hose plug in
  • 4 inlet holes 13/16” o.d

The Sauermann SI1801120VLH 17' Low Head pump is capable of evacuating 132 gph, and is suitable for condensing boilers & furnaces, industrial refridgeration cases, and air conditioning units.

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ACC00120 Sauermann ACC00120 Clear tubing inner 3/8" in rolls of 20' for Si-1801, SI1805 Add to Cart


ACC00125 Sauermann ACC00125 Clear tubing inner 3/8" in rolls of 82' for Si-1801, SI1805 Add to Cart


ACC00801 Sauermann ACC00801 Check Valve for SI-1805, 0.39" dia Add to Cart


PH0100SIUN23 Sauermann PH0100SIUN23 PH Safe Neutralization Cartridge, up to 200 Gallons of Condensate Add to Cart
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