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Sauermann PH0100SIUN23

PH Safe Neutralization Cartridge, up to 200 Gallons of Condensate

Brand: Sauermann
Model No: PH0100SIUN23
Our Model No: PH0100SIUN23
Condition: NEW
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  • Preserve the plumbing system and the environment
  • Prevents damage on concrete and plastics
  • Prevents corrosion on metal parts
  • Easy to install and replace; quick fit cartridge slots inside the pump inlet
  • No limestone sludge build up
  • No dead volume of sulphur

The Sauermann PH0100SIUN23 pH Safe 1 Neutralization Cartridge is safe, easy-to-install and eco-friendly. It's capable of neutralizing up to 200 gallons (800 liters) of acidic condensates at pH3. The pH Safe 1 has been specifically designed to treat condensates producted by gas condensing boilers. Preserves the plumbing system & the environment, Prevents damage to concrete & plastics, Prevents corrosion on metal parts.

  • 1 - Neutralization cartridge
  • 1 - Maintenance indication label
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