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Robinair 15400

High Performance 4 CFM Vacuum Pump, 1/2 hp, 15 oz Oil Capacity, 115V/60 Hz

Brand: Robinair
Model No: 15400
Our Model No: 15400
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 1/4" MFL & 1/2" MFL
  • Oil Capacity - 15 oz (445 ml)
  • Voltage - 115V 60 Hz
  • 1/2 hp Motor Size
  • Power and capacity for a wide range of service applications
  • High CFM rating for fast, thorough evacuation
  • Two-stage rotary vane design
  • Cool Tech assembly in the USA
  • Iso-Valve – Isolates the pump from the system with just a quarter-turn
  • Gas Ballast – Moisture laden air passing through the pump mixes with relatively dry air so compression does not cause condensation
  • Oil Drain Valve – Positioned at the bottom of the oil reservoir and angled for faster, more complete draining
  • Oil Fill Port – Makes adding oil simple since the port is accessible from the front or either side.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor – High torque design for easy startup and efficient operation
  • Offset Rotary Vanes
  • Molded Base – Durable polycarbonate base improves pump balance and minimizes vibration during operation
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing – Cast aluminum housings make the pumps lightweight but durable

The Robinair 15400 High performance vacuum pump has the power and capacity for a wide range of service applications and a high CFM rating. The 15400 has been engineered specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration service, and is built with Robinair’s proven offset rotary vane for fast, thorough evacuation.

Iso Valve

Iso Valve Isolates the pump from the system with just a quarter-turn. It allows the pump to be shut off while still connected to the A/C-R system, which is handy for checking rate of rise. With the valve handle in the OPEN position, the pump is open to the system being evacuated. In the CLOSED position, the pump is isolated from the system.

High Vacuum Rating

The two-stage, offset, rotary vane design provides powerful, quiet, high vacuum capability and ensures moisture removal, while the high pumping capacity reduces evacuation time. The two-stage design also cleans the system more thoroughly than a single-stage pump; the second stage starts pumping at a lower pressure so you can pull a deeper, ultimate vacuum.

Lifetime Filteration

The intake filter prevents foreign matter from entering the pumping chamber, and an internal exhaust filter seperates oil vapor from the exhaust flow.

Gas Ballast

A precise amount of atmospheric air is introduced into the pump, preventing condensation of moisture vapor and helping maintaing the purity of the pump oil. By using the gas ballast, the pump operates more efficiently and pump life is extended.

Compact Design

The pump measures just 151/2" long, while aluminum housing and offset rotary vanes keep the pump weight low, making it easy to carry.

  • 1 - 13119 Oil Bottle
  • 1 - Power Cord (built in)
  • 1 - User's Manaul
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13119 Robinair 13119 16oz Bottle of Premium High Content Pump Oil, Vacuum Lower Moisture Add to Cart


13203 Robinair 13203 One Quart Premium Vacuum Pump Oil Add to Cart


13204 Robinair 13204 Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil, Gallon Bottle Add to Cart


15495 Robinair 15495 Optional Vacuum Pump Combination Inlet Tee Fitting R-12/R-134A Add to Cart
Sale $42.03
15367 Robinair 15367 Replacement Seal Kit for 15400/15600 Series Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart
Sale $75.03
15337 Robinair 15337 Replacement Module Cover and Gasket for 15400 & 15600 Series Vacuum Pump Add to Cart
Sale $58.96
15368 Robinair 15368 Replacement Valve Assembly for 15400, 15600, 15434 Series Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart
Sale $42.86
15338 Robinair 15338 Replacement Vent Bolt for 15400, 15600 Series Add to Cart


15369 Robinair 15369 Replacement Base & Foot Assembly for 15400/15600/15434 Series Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart


15364 Robinair 15364 Replacement Inlet Tee Assembly for 15400/15600/15434 Series Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart


15371 Robinair 15371 Replacement Oil Fill Plug for 15400 and 15600 Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart


15547 Robinair 15547 Replacement Pump Assembly Less Motor for 15400 Vacuum Pump Add to Cart
Sale $265.15
15365 Robinair 15365 Replacement Motor & Power Cord for 15400/15434 Add to Cart
Sale $376.98
40572 Robinair 40572 1/4 in Solid Brass Quick Seal Caps, Pack Of 6 Add to Cart


555133 Robinair 555133 Replacement Caps, Auto Boss Add to Cart
Sale $28.78
15366 Robinair 15366 Replacement Power Cord Assembly for 15400, 15600, 15434 Vacuum Pumps Add to Cart
Sale $38.74
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