RIDGID SeeSnake-Plus Inspection Systems
Camera Drum Reels & Monitors

RIDGID's SeeSnake Comparison Chart
SeeSnake Plus
  • Your work is primarily with lines 4-12"
  • You don't plan on inspecting lines less than 2"
  • Your inspections may run 200' or longer.
  • You want the best, most versatile camera.
  • The best choice if you plan to buy only one camera
Mini SeeSnake Plus
  • Only weighs 25lbs.
  • Portable
  • Equiped with excellent camera used to inspect lines up to 200'.
  • Equipped with a stiffer push rod than the Compact/FlatPack
  • Designed to push farther through tight spots.
  • Best choice when portability and maneuverability are critical (multi-story buildings, rooftops, confined areas, etc...)
Compact & FlatPack Plus
  • Combines durability & portability
  • Under 20 lbs.
  • Fast set up and quick inspections.
  • Excellent complements to SeeSnake Plus
  • Ideal choice when portability or storage space is important
  • Ideal when your inspections run up to 100'