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Ridgid RP 340

RP 340 Press Tool Only

Brand: Ridgid
Model No: RP 340
MPN: 44483
Our Model No: 44483
Condition: NEW
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RP 340
Sale $1,863.09

Product Features:

  • Battery Press Tool
  • 30% Smaller than RP 330 Press Tool for Increased Mobility
  • 17% Lighter than RP 330 Press Tool for Decreased User Fatigue
  • 31% More Time Between Services (42,000 Cycles) than RP 330 Press Tool
  • Forget About Downtime with the Ability to Choose Either Battery or AC Power
  • Capacity: ½" to 4" for Copper and Stainless Steel, ½" to 2" for PEX
  • LED-light for continued operations in no or low-light environments
  • 270° Rotating Swivel Barrel for Pressing in Difficult Areas
  • Longest service interval in the industry: 42,000 Cycles
  • Compatible with All Standard Series Pressing Jaws and Attachments from Ridgid
  • For Use with Steel Pipe, Soil Pipe, PEX, Copper Tubing, and Stainless Steel Tubing

RIDGID 44483 RP 340 Battery Press Tool Only (No Jaws Included)

The 44483 RP 340 Corded Press Tool has a 4" capacity and weighs only 8.3 pounds. It features a 270° rotating swivel barrel, perfect for getting at hard-to-reach connections. An available 18V Advanced Lithium 4 battery helps the RP 340 achieve more than 400 presses per charge, and it has an industry-leading service interval of 42,000 cycles. An optional AC power adapter can further maximize uptime job site to job site.

The RP 340 Press Tool, when used with appropriate jaw sets, is designed to mechanically press fittings onto tubing to create a water-tight and permanent seal.

When the switch on the RP 340 is depressed, an internal electric motor powers a hydraulic pump which forces fluid into the cylinder of the tool, forcing the ram forward and applying thousands of pounds of pressing force onto specially designed fittings.

Attachments are also available for other uses. The entire cycle duration is approximately five seconds. Once the cycle begins to deform a fitting, it will automatically continue until completion, even if the trigger switch is released.

The LED displays on the top of the tool indicate problems such as improper temperature, open jaw mounting pin or maintenance required.

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RP 340 RIDGID 43378 RP 340 Press Tool Carrying Case Add to Cart
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44848 Ridgid 44848 Battery and Charger Set Add to Cart
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44853 Ridgid 44853 2.0Ah Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pair and 120V Charger Set Add to Cart
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76672 RIDGID 76672 1 1/2" Standard Jaw for ProPress Add to Cart
Sale $231.40
76677 RIDGID 76677 2" Standard Jaw for ProPress Add to Cart
Sale $253.31
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