RIDGID 14818
NaviTrack Line 10-Watt Transmitter

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RIDGID NaviTrack Line
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The NaviTrack line transmitter is part of the Navi Track cable and pipe locating system. It can be used to energize a pipe or line, so that the magnetic field lines emitted from the underground line, may be traced. This aides in allowing the ground above the line to be marked so that it can be avoided during a dig, or so it can be exposed for re-pair or replacement. Underground lines can be energized with the Navi-Track line transmitter. This active signal is then traced using the NaviTrack receiver.



Sonde 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 Hz, 33 kHz – 10 Watt
Active Line Trace 200 kHz, 262 kHz – 1 Watt output power
Power Source 8 D-Cell batteries
Battery Life Greater than 120 hours
Weight 9 lbs (4.0 kg)
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20503 RIDGID 20503 Inductive Signal Clamp for NaviTrack Systems Discontinued