Raytek MiniTemp MT4
Non-Contact InfrarRed Thermometer
See: 62 MAX

  • Temperature range: -18 to 400 °C (0 to 750 °F)
  • Laser Targeting
  • Distance-to-spot: 8:1
  • Backlit display
  • Selectable °C or °F
  • Optional wrist strap and soft carrying pouch

Raytek MT4 MiniTemp is pocket-sized and easy to use - just point, shoot and read the temperature on the large backlit display.  When you need a fast, easy, safe way to measure surface temperature, you need a MiniTemp non-contact thermometer.  Use MiniTemp at work, at home, anywhere.

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The MiniTemp MT4 has with laser sighting for aiming accuracy.  It is powered by a 9V battery and display temperatures in either °C or °F.  An accessory pack including a pouch and wrist strap is also available.


Automotive: Troubleshoot engines including ignition system problems and fuel/air adjustments.  Diagnose cooling systems including thermostats and coolant sensors; radiators; brakes; and tires.

HVAC: Balance room temperatures, monitor supply/return registers, check furnace performance, perform energy audits, and check window insulation.

Electrical: Check electrical panels for hot spots, find defective transformers, and detect loose electrical connections.

Food Safety: Check holding, serving, and storage temperatures, maintain freezers, ovens, ranges, and dishwashers.

Hundreds of work, home and recreational applications.

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MT4 Fluke RAYMT4U MiniTemp Non-Contact Thermometer Discontinued
See: 62 MAX