Ramsey RF-1
RF Sniff-it RF Detector Probe

  • Provides DC Voltage Output from Weak RF Signals
  • Wide Frequency Coverage of 100 kHz to Over 1000 MHz
  • Low Barrier Microwave Detection diodes
  • Fits Most Multimeters
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Very sensitive RF detector probe connects to any digital multimeter and provides a DC voltage output from weak RF signals. This allows very easy tracing of low level RF signals that a counter can not pick up. Wide frequency coverage of 100 KHz to over 1000 MHz lets you track down most any problem in transmitter chains, receiver stages, or even complex PLLs. Works great as a sensitive field strength meter, too. Uses exotic low barrier microwave detector diodes to give exceptional sensitivity which can see signals down to microwatt levels! A great low cost way of checking for RF.
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RF1 Ramsey RF-1 Sniff-It RF Detector Probe Discontinued

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