Ramsey COM3010
Communications Service Monitor

  • 100 kHz to 1.0 GHz, Full Duplex
  • Power Meter & Dummy Load
  • Frequency Counter
  • Sweep Generator
  • SINAD Meter
  • Calibrated RSSI Meter
  • RS232 Control
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack
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The Right Choice

The COM3010 is a full featured communications service monitor engineered and designed to provide highly accurate measurement and monitoring of communications equipment from 100kHz to 1.0GHz with 0.1ppm accuracy. Full duplex design enables independent and separate measurement and testing of transmitter and receiver circuits simultaneously making it the ideal service monitor for the radio technology of today...and tomorrow! All functions are selected with simple commands and selections on the Elastomeric touch keypad and are displayed on high contrast dual vacuum fluorescent graphical displays. And of course, battery operation is standard to make field use a breeze!

Built-In Power Meter

Perfect for the two way radio user. Simply key the transmitter while the radio is connected to the generator output for an instantaneous reading of RF output power in either watts or dBm. Yes, we said key the radio into the generator output! The COM3010 incorporates automatic reverse power protection rated at 100 watts with a built-in dummy load. No more burned up pads, no separate wattmeter, and no more worries.

Built-In Frequency Counter

Not sure of the radio frequency? Don't want to plug it into a programmer to interrogate the memory? Even worse, don't want to take it apart to look at the channel elements or crystals? No problem, just key the transmitter. The built-in frequency counter will display the frequency! RF counter range is 100 kHz to 1.0 GHz!

Self Calibrating RSSI Meter

A calibrated Receive Signal Strength Indicator meter makes the COM3010 perfect for testing filter designs and performance as well as cable characteristics. Such tests are made simple with the availability of user memories. 100 groups of 100 memories allow the storage of a large number of test setups for quick and easy retrieval.

Receiver SINAD Meter

Working on a receiver? Check the true SINAD sensitivity of the receiver with the built-in SINAD meter. Also provides audio loop-back for the equipment being tested. A separate SINAD meter is no longer required.

AM/FM Modulation

The COM3010 receives and displays both AM and FM modulation for transmitter testing. The signal generator generates both AM and FM modulation with both internal and external sources. The built-in audio generator provides .1Hz to 3 kHz test tones, as well as both CTS and DPL encode tones.

Battery Operation

One long-life Li-Ion battery pack is included to provide over one hour of operation. Two additional battery packs can be easily plugged into the rear compartment to triple the battery life.

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COM3010 Ramsey COM3010 Full Duplex Communications Service Monitor, 100 kHz - 1.0 GHz Buy Now $3,995.00
Optional Accessories
BP3010 Ramsey BP3010 Additional Li-Ion Battery Pack for COM3010 Discontinued
BP3010A Ramsey BP3010A Additional Li-Ion Battery Pack for COM3010 Buy Now Sale $98.95
(Reg. $100.00)
CC3010 Ramsey CC3010 Black Cordura Carrying Case with Strap for COM3010 Buy Now $129.95

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