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Ramsey DDF1WT
Doppler Direction Finder Wire/Test

  • Track down jammers and hidden transmitters with ease!
  • Elegant an cost effective design thanks to WA2EBY!  Features in May/June 199 QST Magazine
  • Convenient LED 22.5 degree bearing indicator
  • Adjustable damping rate, phase inversion, scan enable/disable
  • Utilizes latest high speed CMOS technology for signal conditioning and audio processing.
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Get in on the fun of radio direction finding (RDF) with this super kit  The latest in affordable Doppler direction finding equipment available in a complete kit form .. this one even includes the receiving antenna assembly! A must for the "fox hunter" at an unheard of price!  Radio direction finding is a fascinating hobby is becoming more and more popular in today's portable world.  The kit includes the Doppler Direction Finder display unit and all the parts necessary to build your own four pint, 5 piece magnetic antenna assembly for easy setup and use.
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DDF1WT Ramsey DDF1WT Doppler Direction Finder Wire/Test Discontinued

* * Ramsey Products are non-returnable. * *
Defective parts within a kit will be exchanged during the first 90 days.