Ralston DPPV-1MBA
Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump

  • Generate either 125 psi (8.6 bar) pressure or -25In Hg (-635 mm Hg) vacuum with the same pump
  • Unique design allows the user to convert from pressure to vacuum by simply twisting a knob, even with gloves on
  • Two outlet ports allow connection to reference pressure gauge or pressure calibrator as well as device under test, thus eliminating a tee
  • Large volume fine adjustment piston provides precise control, even at very low pressures
  • Precisely vent pressure with soft seated bleed valve
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 1/8" Male NPT gauge adapter is ideal for attaching a pressure calibrator directly to the hand pump
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Product Information
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Create pressure or vacuum and calibrate instrumentation using a pressure gauge or calibrator attached to the pump (gauge or calibrator not included)
Pressure Range 0 to 100 psi (0 to 7 bar)
Vacuum Range 0 to 23''Hg (0 to 584 mmHG)
Media Air
Outlet Port1 Male Quick-test, brass
Outlet Port2 Male Quick-test with cap and chain, brass
Temperature Range 0 to 130 °F (-18 to 54 °C)
Construction Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Plated Steel
Fine Adjust Resolution ±0.01 psi
Weight 1.79 lb (0.8 kg)
Dimensions H: 3.63 in (9.2202 cm) x W: 8.5 in (21.59 cm) x D: 3.63 in (9.2202 cm)
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DPPV-1MBA Ralston DPPV1MBA Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump with Gauge Connection  Buy Now $473.10
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Hand Pump - DPPV Assembly (DPPV)
  • 1 - Gauge Adapter - 1/8" male NPT x female QT, no check-valve, brass (QTHA-1MBA)
  • 1 - Hose - Quick-test hose, brass hose ends, 3 ft (92 cm) long (QTQT-HOS-3ft)
  • 1 - Hose Adapter - 1/4" male NPT x male QT, no check-valve, brass (QTHA-2MB0)
Optional Accessories
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DPPV-REPK Ralston DPPVREPK DPPV Pump Repair Kit  Buy Now $37.00