Ralston SP0V-0000-00
Vacuum Cylinder Hand Pump with Gauge Connection

  • Light weight, compact pump generates 23 inHg (584mm Hg) vacuum with ease
  • Large volume fine adjustment piston provides precise control, even at very low pressures
  • Modular design makes field maintenance quick and easy
  • Precisely vent pressure with soft seated bleed valve
  • Two outlet ports provide connections for both pressure reference and for device under test thus eliminating a tee
  • Low volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to pump without thread sealant or a wrench
  • Rugged, all metal construction reduces pressure changes due to temperature fluctuations
  • Made in U.S.A.
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Ralston SP0V-0000-00 Shown

Pressure Range 0 to 100 psi (0 to 7 bar)
Media Natural Gas
Maximum Working Temperature 130 °F (54 °C)
Construction Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Seal materials Viton
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
SP0V-0000-0-0 Ralston SP0V-0000-0-0 Gas Sampling Pump Discontinued
Item Includes
  • 1 - Hand Pump - SP0V Assembly (SP0V)
Optional Accessories
AS-DP0V-0043-SS Ralston AS-DP0V-0043-SS Stainless Steel Outlet Check valve Assembly  Buy Now
QSCM-0020-VT Ralston QSCM-0020-VT Stainless Steel Vent Valve with Viton seals  Buy Now $60.00
QTHA-3SS1-QS Ralston QTHA-3SS1-QS Quick-test Inlet Port for SP0V Hand Pump  Buy Now $30.20
QTHA-3SS0-VT Ralston QTHA-3SS0-VT Male Quick-test x Pump Viton Seal  Buy Now $25.30
QTFT-3SS0-VT Ralston QTFT-3SS0-VT Male Quick-test Viton Seal with Cap and Chain   Buy Now $40.30
SP0V-0005 Ralston SP0V-0005 SP0V Sampling Pump Pumping Piston  Buy Now $63.00
SP0V-0012 Ralston SP0V-0012 SP0V Sampling Pump Replacement Body  Buy Now $120.00