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Psiber CTK5015

CableTool Multifunction Cable Meter Kit with Tone Probe, Cabletool CT50, BNC & F Adapter, and Carrying Case

Brand: Psiber
Model No: CTK5015
Our Model No: CTK5015
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Identify and find the distance to an open or short in seconds
  • Measure cable length in a box, on a spool or in a wall
  • Transmit tone signals for tracing hidden cable runs
  • Measure voltage to identify live circuits
  • Extensive built-in library of cable types
  • Compatible with all common cables
  • Displays length in feet or meters


  • Dimensions: 7.0 in x 3.2 in x 1.4 in (178 mm x 81 mm x 36 mm)
  • Weight: 8.7 ounces (with batteries) / 247 grams / 0.54 lb.
  • Accuracy: +/-2% plus +/-2 ft (with correct NVP)
  • Resolution: 1 foot or 0.2 meters
  • Tracing Tone Frequencies: 575Hz, 997Hz, 1.0KHz, 7.82KHz
  • Patterns: Four
  • Display: Graphical - 122 x 32 pixels
  • Power Supply: Four AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Voltage (True RMS Responding)
  • Range: 0-250V (AC or DC)
  • Accuracy: +/-3% plus 1V
  • Environment:
    • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F / 0°C to 50°C
    • Storage Temperature: 14°F to 131°F / -10°C to 55°C

The psiber CTK5015 is a CableTool Multifunction Cable Meter Kit with Tone Probe, Cabletool CT50, BNC & F Adapter, and Carrying Case.

The psiber CTK5015 CableTool provides contractors, CATV, low voltage installers, or anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of metallic cables with the capability to quickly find faults in cables up to a distance of 2500 feet. Using TDR technology, the psiber CTK5015 CableTool diagnoses cable faults with no launch or dead zone and an accuracy to ±2%. Simply select the appropriate cable type from the pre-stored library or enter the cable NVP, attach the leads to two conductors of the cable and with a single press of a button the length of the cable or distance to an open or short is displayed. Voltage is continuously measured on the wires (up to 250V) by the true RMS voltmeter built in to the psiber CTK5015, and the results are displayed to warn of a potentially unsafe condition.

  • 1 - Cable Tool (CT50)
  • 1 - Tone Probe (CT15)
  • 1 - BNC and F Adapter
  • 4 - AA Batteries
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - User Manual
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