Protimeter F-L2000C
40 Gram Sample 0% to 10% mc Range Large Size Speedy Moisture Meter

  • When compared with other moisture measurement systems, the Protimeter FL2000C Large Speedy tester is often the most practical solution, especially when working in the field
  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Portable and requires no external power source
  • Versatile - many materials can be measured over a wide moisture content range
  • Moisture measurement system obtains data following a simple test procedure:
    • Prepare and weigh the material sample using the electronic balance
    • Place the sample in the Speedy vessel
    • Add the reagent to the recess in the Speedy cap and seal the vessel
    • Shake the Speedy to mix the reagent with the sample
    • Read the moisture content directly from the integral gauge
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Protimeter F-L2000C Shown
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