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Promax RANGERNeo Lite ATSC

Multi-Function TV/Satellite Signal Analyzer for ATSC Standards

Brand: Promax
Model No: RANGERNeo Lite ATSC
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Supports ATSC decoding for North American standards
  • Hybrid operation = touch screen and conventional buttons
  • HEVC H.265 decoder
  • 4K frame grabber function
  • OTT (Over The Top) Analysis
  • Web Server Function
  • SCAN + TILT function
  • Multiple Channel Signal Monitoring
  • Video/Audio Streaming
  • Professional spectrum analyzer
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi analyzer
  • Wide band LNB compatible with a frequency range of 300 - 2500 MHz
  • Constellation diagram
  • Automatic task planner: The Ranger Neo Lite analyzer working anywhere, anytime by its own
  • Large and bright display
  • Triple split display
  • Ultra fast spectrum analyzer (70 ms sweep time)
  • StealthID
  • Measuring decoding DVB-S2 multi-stream
  • SNG, VSAT applications and BEACON
  • PLS - physical layer scrambling
  • IRG descriptor

The Promax RANGER Neo Lite ATSC is a new breed of multifunction TV, Satellite and WIFI analyser, intended to help installers not only to make their classic installation work easier but also to deal with the many challenges brought about by the wireless world and the new video delivery platforms.

HEVC H.265 decoding and exceptional spectrum analyser capabilities are at the heart of the RANGER Neo Lite ATSC field strength meter surrounded by many functions such as WIFI analysis (including real spectrum display), wide band LNB compatibility, constellation diagram, dynamic echoes analysis, etc..., all in a very compact and light weight product (1600 g) ideal for works outside in the field.

The RANGER Neo Lite ATSC includes a touch screen with a hybrid control system (touch screen + buttons). It also can be used for ATSC digital television standards.

4K frame grabber

The RANGER Neo Lite ATSC analyzer includes the ‘4K frame grabber’ function which allows viewing of 4K-UHD video. UHD video frames are decoded and shown in the form of a slide show allowing the user to effectively confirm that the UHD content is received properly.

OTT Analysis

OTT or Over The Top refers to video, audio and other media services delivered directly to the user over the internet. There are different standards being used to deliver OTT services. We will cover MPEG-DASH in this release with coverage for others to come at a later stage. All OTT protocols address the fundamental problem of poor viewer tolerance to disruption or buffering during video play out caused by the naturally changing network conditions of the internet.

  • MPEG-DASH MPD (Media Presentation Description) files analysis
  • Segment downloads monitoring
  • Bitrate graphic

Web server

The RANGER Neo Lite ATSC now includes a web server making it possible to access many of the analyser’s functions remotely. This function will continue to grow in the near future.


Mainly but not only with our Cable TV customers in mind SCAN and TILT functions are now available on the RANGER Neo Lite ATSC analyser. These functions become handy when you need to evaluate the response of a cable distribution system in whole or in part.

Multiple Channel Signal Monitoring

Signal monitoring, drive test, coverage function, different names for slightly different functions which can do nonstop measurements on a TV or radio channel. We expand these functions now allowing simultaneous signal level measurements for multiple channels.

Video/Audio streaming

It is now possible to stream the video and audio of a specific service or the complete transport stream to a remote destination IP so that it can be monitored using a video player such as VLC Media Player.

Digital Standards:ATSC
DVB-C, DVB-C2, QAM Annex C
DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2 multistream, DSS
Dolby Digital Plus
Connectivity:Universal RF input
HDMI output
Audio/Video input
Ethernet interface
Functions:Constellation diagram for all DVB systems
StealthID (instant signal identification)
DVB-S2 multistream
PLS (physical layer scrambling)
Ultra fast spectrum analyser (70 ms sweep time) with peak hold
wbLNB compatible (wideband LNB)
dCSS LNB compatible (protocols EN50494 and EN50607)
Field strength
Task planner
H.265 decoder
WiFi analyser
PC Connection (via Ethernet interface):NetUpdate 4 free software
Free and automatic firmware updates
Datalogger data download
Channel tables customization
Measurement reports
  • 1 - User manual
Promax RANGER Neo Touch screen TV spectrum analyzers with WiFi
Promax RANGER Neo Touch screen TV spectrum analyzers with WiFi
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon (7.05 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (10.3 MB)
Quick Start Guide: PDF Document Icon (1.40 MB)
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