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Microprocessor Training System

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PROMAX TM 683 is intended for developing and debugging application programs related with the 68000 Microprocessor, by using a personal computer or a terminal as control elements. The software supplied is a three-module structure: Monitor, Simulator and Assembler programs. The EC-796 is an ideal equipment for teaching digital transmission systems. It allows to cover the theory and practice of the different stages of a transmission system with ease: sampling, quantification, modulation, simulation of channel and reception; essential to lay the foundations for the modern telecommunication digital network.

The Emitter and Receiver modules have test points prepared for signal monitoring.

The EC-796 allows the development of experiments at five levels:

  • Sample, quantify, and analyze analog signals using audio and visual experimentation of the effect of the sampling frequency (aliasing) and of the number of bits used in the generation of the PCM signal.
  • Study digital modulations on continuous wave in amplitude, frequency and phase.
  • Experiment with circuit alternatives in the emission and reception modules.
  • Analyze the effect of disturbance in the channel (interference, noise, bandwidth and attenuation) on different modulations.
  • Experiment with different means of transmission: coaxial cable, two-wire, infrared, radio and optical fiber.

The EC-796 is presented in stackable desks and is very easy to set up. A function generator and oscilloscope are recommended for operation.

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