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Telephony Training System Analog/Digital (ISDN)

  • Last generation of telephone station ISDN /Analog
  • 2 internal analog lines
  • 4 external analog lines
  • 4 external basic access So (B+B+D)
  • Programming and configuration of the telephone station through PC
  • Simulation of a Urban analog telephone station and the circuits of tarification
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The ET-836B is intended for the learning of the theory and practicing of the central commutation and interior telephony networks. It incorporates a PABX exchange, internal telephone lines (analog and RDSI), an external line simulator, tariff generator modules, channel simulator, fault simulator and connection points for Analog and digital (ISDN) terminals. It can be connected via modem and directly to a PC.
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Included Accessories
  • Telephone terminals
    1 ISDN terminal with alphanumeric display
    2 analog terminal

  • Documentation
    User's Manual
    Exercise Manual
    Teacher's Manual
    Training Manual
    Technical Documentation about telephone station analog/ISDN
  • Accessories
    1 - Tool for connector's assembly.
    1 - Telephone cable
    1 - RJ11 and RJ45 connectors
    1 - Insertion tool
       - Telephone  Bases of wall type RJ11 and RJ45
       - Nuts and screws for the universal panels

  • Software
    Configuration software
    Software for failures
    Software for Exchange