Transport Stream Recorder/Processor/Player
See: TG-140

  • Inputs:
    • ASI Transport Stream
    • Maximum data rate of 150 Mbps
    • DVB-T from 35 to 100 dBµV
  • Outputs:
    • ASI Transport Stream
    • SPI Parallel Transport Stream
    • Maximum Data Rate 90 Mbps
  • Storage Capacity:
    • Compact Flash 4 GB
    • 10 Minutes of 20 Mb/s Transport Stream
  • PC Connection
    • Ethernet Interface
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Promax TG-130 Shown

Product Information
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The TG-130 is a versatile MPEG-2 Transport Stream processor, recorder and player with an integrated DVB-T tuner that allows the TS capture in real time.

It can record a transport stream continuously for several minutes and then play it back later at pleasure. The recorded streams can also be processed to create others TS transport streams with different content.

The TG-130 is a useful equipment to work in the field where maybe it is not possible to find electricity available.

The TG-130 in combination with a digital modulator, such as MO-170 for DVB-T for instance, becomes a highly flexible and affordable digital broadcast signal simulator.
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TG130 Promax TG-130 Portable DVB-T capture and Transport Stream Recorder / Player Discontinued
See: TG-140