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PROMAX-10 Premium
Analog/Digital Cable TV Signal Level Meter and Analyzer

  • Automatic Selection of Analog and Digital Mode
  • Spectrum Analyzer Function
  • Frequency Range: 5 to 862 MHz
  • Multistandard QAM Measurements:
    • Europe, DVB, DAVIC (ITU-T J.83 Annex A)
    • USA, DigiCipher II™ (ITU-T J.83 Annex B)
    • Japan, (ITU-T J.83 Annex C)
  • Measures BER and MER on QAM Digital Signals
  • Power Measurements on Digital Channels Independent of Modulation type (QAM, QPSK, COFDM)
  • Switchable Channel Plan
  • Resolution: 62.5 kHz
  • Measurement range: 25 to 120 dBµV
  • Analog channel measurements
  • LCD alphanumeric display with back lighting
  • Hard Carrying case
  • Fast Charger
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
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PROMAX 10 Premium incorporates the measurements for installation, verification and maintenance of receiving and distributing systems for FM radio, MATV, CATV and MMDS, including the sub-band (return path). It incorporates power level measurement over a complete frequency band, very useful for detecting saturation in the input of some broadband demodulators. PROMAX-10 Premium is a multistandard instrument, so it can be used in any network in the world.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
PROMAX10PREM PROMAX PROMAX-10 Premium CATV TV Multistandard QAM Analyzer (Includes BER, MER, Constellation). Discontinued
Optional Accessories
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AL-022 Promax AL-022 US Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now Sale $23.86
(Reg. $30.00)
AL-032 Promax AL-032 UK Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Discontinued
AL-042 Promax AL-042 Australian Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now $30.00
AL-052 Promax AL-052 Japan Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now $30.00
DC-284 Promax DC-284 Antichock rubber protector for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now Sale $28.64
(Reg. $36.00)
OP-010-E Promax OP-010-E Symbol Rate extension to 7200 Mb Discontinued
RM-010 Promax RM-010 Remote Control Software for PROMAX-8+ and PROMAX-10 Windows 98,2000, XP Discontinued