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Promax PROMAX-4
Cable TV Analyzer

  • Frequency Range
    • 45 to 862 MHz (PROMAX 4)
    • 5 to 862 MHz (PROMAX 5 and 6)
  • One Channel Plan, Configurable From PC Through RM-006
  • Resolution 62.5 kHz
  • Measurement Range:
    • 40 dBmV to 60 dBmV (PROMAX 4)
    • 35 dBmV to 60 dBmV (PROMAX 5 and 6)
  • Carrier to Noise Range From 40-50 dB
  • Analog Channel Measurements
  • LCD Alphanumeric Display with Back Lighting
  • Sound: AM/FM
  • Internal Speaker/External Headphones
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Fast Charger
  • Cellular Battery
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The PROMAX4, PROMAX5 and PROMAX6 analyzers are designed for the installation and maintenance of television signal reception and distribution systems. They are especially suited for cable television systems, since they integrate all the basic functions required for signal analysis in an easy-to-use, accurate, and low-cost device.

While the PROMAX-4 offers coverage of all television channels between 45 MHz and 862 MHz, the PROMAX-5 and 6 also cover the return channels (5 MHz to 862 MHz). All models enable the signal level to be measured with high accuracy.

PROMAX 4-5-6 incorporate a series of functions for evaluating the image quality, and include a calculation of the Video/Audio (V/A) ratio and the Carrier/Noise (C/N) ratio in the Channel (Patented Method). In addition to providing all of these functions, the instruments weigh just half a kilo. Every detail has been carefully studied in order to achieve optimum balance between the characteristics and their functionality. The result is an easy-to-use device with advanced functions that can be operated by non-specialist personnel.

Direct reading

All three instruments have a dynamic range from 20 dBµV (-40 dBmV) to 120 dBµV (60 dBmV). In order to achieve a direct reading of the signal level, the measurement is automatic and the device itself selects the input attenuator most suitable for each signal. In applications for which a value must be set for the attenuators, the Manual mode may be used. The units may be displayed in dBµV or in dBmV.

Selection modes

A rotary selector allows any one of the three tuning modes to be selected: Frequency, Channels or Programs. The Frequency mode allows you to tune into any frequency between 5 and 862 MHz (between 45 and 862 MHz for the PROMAX-4) with a resolution of 62.5 kHz.

Access by Channel depends on the channel plan selected. Tuning by Programs enables direct access for up to 64 channels. The number of programs may be limited to adapt the measuring cycles to the capacity of the network.

Video/Audio Measurement

The V/A ratio indicates the relationship between the level of the Video carrier and the Audio carrier. There are certain optimum values for each standard.  Very often, the audio carrier levels are not checked when the installation takes place. Sometimes it is taken for granted that it is enough to check the demodulated audio signal, but it should be noted that an unsuitable V/A ratio may cause interference in the video.

Carrier/Noise Measurement

Carrier/Noise Measurement is another factor in evaluating the signal quality. The C/N function measures the ratio between the carrier level and the noise level. PROMAX has developed and patented a method for calculating this ratio in the channel in which the measurement is made.  It is not rare that a signal with a higher carrier level than another may have a lower C/N ratio, so this measurement is essential.


The PROMAX-4, -5, and -6 have been designed according to the requirements of the European standard on electrical safety, EN61010-1.  The recommendations regarding the level of protection against water and dust in the outside materials have also been taken into account and incorporated to level IP21.  As with all PROMAX devices, they also comply with the regulations on electromagnetic compatibility, EN55014, regarding radio interference.

Multi-Standard Audio

A highly efficient speaker allows the demodulation of FM or AM audio. They also include a tone that is proportional to the signal level.  In addition, it is possible to select the audio carrier frequency anywhere from 4 to 9 MHz, so that the device can be used for making measurements with any television broadcast standard.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
PROMAX-4 Promax PROMAX4 Cable TV Analyzer Buy Now
Obsolete Models
PROMAX5 PROMAX PROMAX-5 Cable TV Analyzer including return band. Discontinued
PROMAX6 PROMAX PROMAX-6 Cable TV Analyzer including analog and digital measurements. Discontinued
Optional Accessories
AA-012 Promax AA-012 Car Supply Cable for PROLINK-1b/PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10/MC-160B/360B/PROLITE Buy Now $30.00
AD-055 Promax AD-055 F/F - BNC/f Connector Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now $11.00
AD-056 Promax AD-056 F/F - IEC/f Connector Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now $11.00
AD-057 Promax AD-057 F/F - F/F Connector Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now $11.00
AD-058 Promax AD-058 F/M - F/h Fast Connector Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now $11.00
AL-022 Promax AL-022 US Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now Sale $23.86
(Reg. $30.00)
AL-032 Promax AL-032 UK Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Discontinued
AL-042 Promax AL-042 Australian Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now $30.00
AL-052 Promax AL-052 Japan Power Adapter for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10, PRODIG-2 and RP-110B Buy Now $30.00
CB-038 Promax CB-038 NiCd Rechargeable Battery 7.2V-0.8A for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+ Buy Now $77.00
CB-410C Promax CB-410C NiCd Battery charger for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+ Buy Now $524.00
DC-284 Promax DC-284 Antichock rubber protector for PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10 Buy Now Sale $28.64
(Reg. $36.00)
RM-006 Promax RM-006 Programming Pack for Channel Plan, Measuring Units, etc for PROMAX-4-5-6 Discontinued