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FTTH Triple Laser Source

  • Wavelengths generated
    • 1310 nm, 1490 nm y 1550 nm.
  • Tolerance
    • ± 30 nm
  • Spectral Width
    • 1310, 1550 - Laser Fabry Pérot.
    • 1490 - Laser DFB
  • Output connector
    • Output connector - Type SC / APC.
  • Ouput Power
    • 0 dBm nominal on SM fiber
  • Amplitude Stability
    • <0,3 dB in one hour
  • Internal modulation
    • 1310 nm: 270 Hz.
    • 1490 nm: 1 kHz.
    • 1550 nm: 2 kHz.
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The PROLITE-105 laser light source emits light at three wavelength that are used to transmit data through optical fiber on FTTx networks: 1310 for Upstream and 1490 and 1550 nm for Downstream. It allows selecting easily the desired wavelength by means of direct access keys, in order to generate a modulated signal or to activate the automatic operation mode. These light sources may be modulated with 270 Hz, in the case of the wavelength at 1310 nm, 1 kHz at 1490 nm and 2 kHz at 1550 nm. They are modulated at different frequencies to measure the attenuation of the fiber for the three wavelengths in combination with a power meter (such as PROLITE-63 or 65). Usually this measure is required to certificate telecommunications infrastructures.
Modulation: This feature allows you to modulate each wavelength with a different frequency, so the power meter identifies each wavelength automatically.

Sequential Mode: This feature, combined with the modulation, it allows you to check the whole installation and minimize the chance of mistakes.
The PROLITE-105 working with the PROLITE-65,
can determine the optical power of each wavelength
and therefore the losses of the installation.

All measures of the optical network can be done by a single operator: After connecting the PROLITE-105 to the optical network and then activating the sequential mode, the operator can move to another end of the network and use the PROLITE-65 to determine the losses of the network.
Stabilized Optical Output: It ensures the maximum accuracy in the measurements made with the power meter.
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PROLITE-105 Promax PROLITE-105 Triple LASER Source for installation of Fiber To The Home (FTTx) Currently Unavailable
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