TV/CATV/FM Analog and Digital Signal Level Meter

  • 46 to 870 MHz Frequency Range
    (Extend Low Range to 5 MHz with Option -67)
  • 7 editable Channel/Frequency plans are stored
    - Factory Programmed for EIC, HRC, IRC & FCC (USA Version)
    - Other Countries and/or Custom Channel Plans available or User-Programmed with RM-101 Software.
  • Spectrum display on printout in Numerical or Graphic mode
  • Digital and Analog Measurements
  • Backlit LCD Displays Level and Frequency
  • Automatic measurements selectable by tuning encoder
  • Video/Audio carrier ratio can be set to different television standards
  • C/N ratio measurements
  • Speaker to Monitor Demodulated Audio
  • Rechargeable Battery with Charger Included
  • Carrying Case Included
  • RS-232C Interface to Print Data or Remote Control (with Optional RM-101 Software)
  • Option -67, Return Path, extends Low Range down to 5 MHz
  • Option -16, MMDS Supply Voltage
  • Carrying Case Included
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Analog and Digital Field Strength Meter
The PROLINK-1C has frequency coverage for terrestrial TV, CATV, and microwave distribution (MMDS). It is ideal for either analog and digital measurements. The PROLINK-1C offers excellent features and technical specifications.

Signal Level Measurement
The signal level reading can be displayed numeric or a bar graph display. The numeric display is essential for definitive measurements, such as at distribution taps or amplifier points. The bar graph display is ideal for FM, UHF and MMDS antenna alignment work. The large alphanumeric LCD display is back lit, for use in low level lighting conditions. The LCD display is fast acting and the meter has good signal sensitivity. The measurement units can be chosen before delivery, or by the user with the RM-101 software. The attenuation is semiautomatic featuring a 30 dB scale range.

Audio/Video Ratio and Audio Demodulation
The Video/Audio ratio function shows the difference between the video and audio carriers. The audio carrier can be selected for different television standards. The PROLINK-1C also demodulates FM and AM radio signals, and includes a high quality loudspeaker.

Computer Interface
The user can also control the different functions of the PROLINK-1C via the RS-232C port on the meter with the optional RM-101 software. It is also possible to edit channel plans, measurement parameters, and perform other functions from the computer.

Automatic Measurements
Reports can be printed for one channel or any number of pre-selected channels. With just one instruction, the PROLINK-1C allows the user to obtain printed results of all channels. Valuable system documentation can be developed quickly and easily.

Printer Connection
Printed documentation can be obtained on any RS-232C compatible printer. If the instrument is set to the Numerical Mode, the printed list will show numerical values. In the Graphic Bar Mode, the report will show bar graphs for the video and audio levels of selected channels. This function can be very useful for documenting system-wide equalization or tilt. The instrument can also output a spectrum views of entire CATV, VHF, FM or UHF bands.

Configuration Storage
To simplify the operation of the instrument, it is possible to store measurement configurations. At power up, the preferred configuration is chosen from memory - making the meter very easy to use. In the most simple setup, the user selects the channel and then reads the level directly from the back lit LCD.

Supply To Auxiliary Devices
The option -16 adds a supply voltage to antenna amplifiers and external units in MMDS, CATV and SMATV applications.

Frequency Range Extension Option
This instrument covers the entire 46 to 870 MHz frequency band. The option OP-101-67 provides a frequency extension of 5 to 48 MHz - invaluable for 'return path' CATV/MATV measurements.

Channels or Frequencies
The use of frequency synthesis guarantees stability and assures high measurement accuracy. The PROLINK-1C takes advantage of new technology while maintaining links with established measurement practices. For instance, channels and frequencies continue to be selected by means of rotary encoder with two speeds, so that access to the required channel is quick and simple. The instrument allows the user to select any channel plan by means of the software.

Ordering Information
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PROLINK1C Promax PROLINK-1C TV/CATV Signal Level Meter Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - DC-244 Carrying Bag
  • 1 - AL-023 115 VAC Adaptor
  • 1 - AD-051 BNC male to F female Adaptor
  • 1 - AD-050 BNC male to ANT/IEC female Adaptor
OP10116 PROMAX OP10116 Supply Voltage for PROLINK-1C. Discontinued
OP10167 PROMAX OP10167 5-45 MHz Return Channel Extension for PROLINK-1C. Discontinued
Optional Accessories
AA-012 Promax AA-012 Car Supply Cable for PROLINK-1b/PROMAX-4/5/6/8+/10/MC-160B/360B/PROLITE Buy Now $25.00
Buy Now
DC-244 Promax DC-244 Carrying Bag for PROLINK-1b Buy Now $57.00
RM-101 Promax RM-101 Remote Control Software for PROLINK-1b Discontinued