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ISDB-T/Tb Test Modulator

  • General purpose ISDB-T and ISDB-TB modulator contained in a 19" 1U chassis
  • Modulator has been designed to work in Multi Frequency Networks (MFN)
  • The unit has two serial MPEG TS-ASI inputs
  • Either of these inputs can be used to modulate the COFDM signal
  • High frequency resolution (in steps of 1 Hz)
  • High MER
  • Multi-path channel simulator
  • S/N Generator
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Product Information
Datasheet 170 KB PDF
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The modulator can be configured to generate any of the transmission modes listed in the ISDB-T/TB specification. Several test modes are available in the MO-370 (single tone output and test TS generation).

The Promax MO-370 ISDB-T/Tb Test Modulator has been designed to work in Multi Frequency Networks (MFN). Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation is not currently supported. For uses in SFN (Single Multifrequency Networks) refer to the MO-380 modulator.

The The Promax MO-370 ISDB-T/Tb Test Modulator can add white Gaussian noise to the COFDM signal with a given Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (C/N). The noise bandwidth is more than twice the bandwidth of the ISDB-T/TB signal.

The channel simulator implemented in the MO-370 allows the user to simulate both dynamic and static multipath scenarios. Up to 6 echoes (including the main path) of variable amplitude, delay, phase and Doppler frequency can be selected.

Inputs MPEG-TS input Two ASI inputs, 75 Ω female BNC
TS packets of length 188 or 204 bytes
Support for burst and continuous packet mode
Operating modes Input TS bit rate strictly below the value given in the ISDB-T/TBspecification
Packet stuffing for bit rate adaptation and PCR re-stamping are carried out automatically
IF Output Type 50 Ω female connector
Frequency range Variable between 31 and 36 MHz in steps of 1 Hz; fixed at 36 MHz when RF output is off
Spectrum polarity Selectable via front panel controls
Power level (average) 0 dBm (107 dBµV) fixed
In-band amplitude ripple < 0.5 dB
In-band group delay ripple <10 ns
Frequency stability 20 ppm
MER > 43 dB
RF-output Type 50 Ω N-type female connector
Frequency range Adjustable between 45 and 875 MHz in 1 Hz steps
Spectrum polarity Selectable via front panel controls
Power level (average) Approximately 80 dBµV with no attenuation. Variable attenuation of 0 to 60 dB in steps of 1 dB
Frequency stability 20 ppm
MER > 38 dB
SSB phase noise ≤ -87 dBc/Hz @ 2 kHz
ISDB-T/TB Parameters Carrier Mode Mode 1 (2k), Mode 2 (4k), Mode 3 (8k)
Guard interva 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
Code rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 7/8
Constellations DQPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
Noise generator Fully digital complex baseband generation
Both signal and/or noise can be switched off
Channels Simulator Fully digital complex baseband generation
Test Modes Pilot carriers (R.M.S Tone) Generate a single carrier at the channel central frequency whose level equals the average ISDBT-T/TB output power. This is intended for signal level alignment
TS packet generation Internal generation of test TS using PRBS sequences of length 15 or 23 embedded within NULL packets
Echoes Generator Amplitude From 0 down to -40 dBc in 0.1 steps
Phase From 0° to 359.9° in 0.1 steps
Doppler Static (0 Hz) / Dynamic (from +- 830 Hz). Delay Variable in 100 ns steps
Power Supply 90 - 250 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz. Consumption 20W
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