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Summit Technology PS3500
PowerSight Power Analyzer with Bluetooth and SD Memory Card Slot

  • It can:
    • Record energy use (kWh), and peak demand
    • Log power parameters: volts, amps, watts, va, var, pf, etc. over time (days/weeks/months)
    • Track total harmonic distortion to the 63rd harmonic
    • Display real time values in meter window – just like a multimeter
    • Display oscilloscope waveforms, harmonic spectra, phasors via a PC + Bluetooth wireless communications
    • Measure DC voltage and current
  • Great for handheld studies and long-term data logging
  • Control from keypad or PC
  •  CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
  • Free PC software (no license restrictions) with Report Writer
  • *Probes are not included, unit requires optional probes
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Product Information
Datasheet 664 KB PDF
Manual 37.5 KB PDF
Sample Report 288 KB PDF
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The Summit Technology PS3500 is an inexpensive yet versatile, handheld power monitor. It provides a complete solution for the process of performing power studies - from setup, to data gathering, to issuing a comprehensive final report. The PS3500 can be controlled through the front panel keypad. Or, using wireless communications you can set up, view meters and waveforms and download data up to 25 feet away from high voltages on your PC or Netbook.

The PS3500 measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWh, Hz, elapsed and estimated cost, duty cycle. Long term logging for up to months at a time. Manual waveform capture ability. Real time meter display of present values.

Rugged and reliable for field work, the contoured, rubberized grip that fits securely and comfortably in the hand.

The PS3500 is equipped with 4 current and 3 voltage channels to measure voltage, current, and power on all phases as well as neutral currents for single-phase, two-phase, three-phase, split-delta, 2PT/2CT, DC,45-66 Hz, and 360-440 Hz applications.

It allows for logging of voltage and current, power usage and energy consumption in kWh. THE PS3500 has ample internal memory for monitoring up to months at a time. These units measure, record, and log: V, I, W, VA, VAR, PF, Hz, THD, – all simultaneously. You can audit individual loads or entire facilities, measure and profile circuit capacity, check load panel imbalance, track harmonic distortion and more.

SD Card Slot: With inexpensive Secure Digital memory multiple surveys can be saved. SD cards offer an alternative download method to a PC. Whenever an SD card is inserted data is always saved automatically to the card. A card can be swapped after pausing and then monitoring resumed. Cards can be taken to a PC thus avoiding the need to take a PC to the meter in the field.

Best for Safety. The PS3500 communicates wirelessly to a PC, Notebook, or netbook via Bluetooth so there’s no need to connect a cable and be “tethered” to a PC! After installing the meter and probes you can get relief from cumbersome Arc Flash suits and remove hoods and gloves and work both comfortably and safely. From up to 25 feet away, real-time waveforms, phasors and harmonic spectra can be displayed on a PC. Set-up of power studies and downloading of data can be performed remotely.
Measurement Rate 0 - 50 degrees C (32 - 122 degrees F)
Relative humidity to 70% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement 12 VDC @ 50 ma, wall mount power supply included Internal Ni-Cad operates up to 10 hours after overnight charge.
Measurement Rate Analyzes two cycles per second of each voltage and current input at 16 μs; uses 130 samples per cycle @ 60 Hz. All measurements updated once per second
Input Range 1 - 600 Vrms steady-state (direct input),
or 600 – 5,000 Vrms with 5KVP probes,
or 600 – 15,000 Vrms with 15KVP probes.
Display Range 1 - 6 megavolts (using input ratios)
Accuracy 0.5% of reading ±0.3 Vrms
Input Range With HA5: 0.02 - 5 Amps
With HA100: 0.1 - 100 Amps
With HA1000: 1 - 1000 Amps
With FX3000: 10 – 3000 Amps
With FX5000: 100 - 5000 Amps
With DC600: 5 - 600 Amps DC 6 auto ranges
Display Range 1ma - 6 megamps (using input ratios)
Accuracy 0.5% of reading plus accuracy of probe
Measure Rate Once per second for each input.
Range DC, 45 - 66 Hz, 360 – 440 Hz fundamental frequency
DC and 45 - 1650 Hz included in RMS
Accuracy 0.5%
Harmonics Measurement 45 - 3000 Hz (50th harmonic @ 50/60 Hz,7th @ 400 Hz)
THD Accuracy 1%; Displays THD and individual harmonics through25th harmonic of all signals. Manager software displays harmonics through 50th harmonic for both units on a PC
Logging Period User selectable from 1 second — 99 minutes
Logging Duration
(length of monitoring session)
User selectable up to 2 years according to memory allocation
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
PS3500 Summit Technology PS3500 PowerSight Power Analyzer with Bluetooth and SD Memory Card Slot Buy Now Sale $2,370.25
(Reg. $2,495.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - DXV deluxe voltage leads with Jumbo Alligator clips
  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 1 - Operating Manual
  • 1 - PSM Manager Software for PC with Report Writer 

*Probes are not included, unit requires optional probes

Optional Accessories
FX3000 Summit Technology FX3000 3000 Amp 24" Flexible Current Probe Discontinued
See: EFX6000
FX5000 Summit Technology FX5000 5000 Amp 24" AC Flexible Current Probe Discontinued
HA5 Summit Technology HA5 5 Amp Clamp-On High Accuracy Current Probe Buy Now Sale $261.25
(Reg. $275.00)
HA100 Summit Technology HA100 100 Amp Clamp-On High Accuracy Current Probe Buy Now Sale $261.25
(Reg. $275.00)
HA1000 Summit Technology HA1000 1000 Amp Clamp-On High Accuracy Current Probe Buy Now Sale $280.25
(Reg. $295.00)
HA-GFD Summit Technology HA-GFD 5 Amp High Accuracy Ground Fault Detector Buy Now Sale $802.75
(Reg. $845.00)
DC600 Summit Technology DC600 600 Amp / 400 Amp DC/AC Current Probe Buy Now Sale $337.25
(Reg. $355.00)
FAO PowerSight FAO *Internal Option* PS4500 & PS4000 High Frequency Power Line Noise Analysis Option Buy Now Sale $1,277.75
(Reg. $1,345.00)
120ADP Summit Technology 120ADP 120 Volt, 15 A Outlet Test Adapter and Power Usage Evaluator Buy Now Sale $280.25
(Reg. $295.00)
LDC4 Summit Technology (Powersight) Line-to-DC Converter for Powersight Analyzers (PS4000), 120 to 600V Buy Now Sale $308.75
(Reg. $325.00)
CHG1 Summit Technology CHG1 120/240V PowerSight Universal AC Wall Charger Buy Now Sale $19.00
(Reg. $20.00)
CHG4 Summit Technology CHG4 120V PowerSight PS250, PS2500, PS3500, and PS4500 AC Wall Charger Buy Now Sale $19.00
(Reg. $20.00)