Summit Technology RWAR42
PS4500 2 Year Renewal Deluxe Warrant

  • Covers repairs for any defect or failure during the warranty period
  • Covers upgrades of firmware, software, and manuals
  • Covers one free calibration of the product per year at Summit Technology's designated facility
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The Summit Technology RWAR42 warrants Summit's products to be free of defect in design and manufacture during the warranty period. Summit Technology will repair any defect or failure of the product that occurs during the warranty period that is due to a defect in design or manufacture at no cost of material or labor to the customer. If for some reason, Summit Technology is not able to rectify the defect in a reasonable time, the product may be returned for a refund of the full purchase price paid to Summit Technology. Summit Technology cannot be held responsible for expenses or lost opportunities that the customer experiences due to a failure of product.

This warranty also covers free upgrades of firmware and software for its products. While the warranty is in force, the customer may return the product for firmware upgrades or may request software upgrades via the Internet. If the upgrade requires new manuals, Summit Technology will provide them free of charge.

The warranty also covers one free calibration of the product per year. The calibration will be performed at Summit Technology's designated facility. A calibration certificate is not included in the warranty price.

The standard warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase. Extended warranty can be arranged at the time of purchase for an additional one or two years. Expired warranties can be renewed and extended at the sole discretion of and at the price set by Summit Technology.

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