PIE 520
Single T/C Simulator
Replaced by: PIE 520B Series Single Thermocouple Type Calibrators

  • Accuracy ±(0.015% of mV Setting + 0.009mV)
  • Calibrate in temperature for your T/C type
  • Adjustable temperature output in selectable 1°C or 1°deg;F steps
  • Types J, K, E, T, R, S, B, N and mV (custom curves available)
  • Ranges from –148°F to F.S. for most types
  • Typical accuracy of ±0.35°C (0.5°) for Type K
  • EZ-Dial™ knob easily adjust output by °C or °F with 1.0° resolution
  • Three position EZ-Check™ switch for 0% and 100% span adjustments
  • Uses a standard 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Superior battery life of 45 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • Lightweight and Rugged with a Solid Feel
  • Small and tough
  • Protected to 60V
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PIE 520 Shown
Product Information
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The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) 520 Thermocouple Simulator simulates a dedicated standard thermocouple curve over the entire industrial temperature range. The Model 520 provides precise temperatures for inputs to all types of instruments such as transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data acquisition, and computer systems. PIE 520 provides 18” extension wire output and is cold-junction compensated for changes in ambient temperature. The PIECAL 520 offers the highest performance and functions in its class by exceeding the accuracy and functions of many higher priced thermocouple calibrators.

The low cost PIE 520 is “easy as PIE” to use thermocouple source for checkout and calibration of all thermocouple instruments in the field, shop or control room.

Function Description
Thermocouple Specifications
Millivolt Uncertainty ±(0.015% of mV Setting + 0.009 mV)
Temperature Coefficient of mV Source ±0.005mV/°C Ambient
Output Noise ±5µVpp from 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
Output Impedance 0.2Ω
Cold Junction Uncertainty ±0.25°C (0.5°F)
Cold Junction Sensor Temperature Coefficient ±0.05°/° in ambient temperature (°C or °F)
General Temperature Accuracy ±(0.015% of mV setting + 0.009mV) ± 0.25°C (0.5°F)
Output Dial Adjustment Resolution 0.1°C or °F for Model 521/1°C or °F for Model 52
Span -13.000 - 80.000 mV
T/C Type
(Dependant on
Type chosen at
time of order)
Type B 594 – 1820°C (1101.2 – 3308.0°F)
Type E -260 - 1000°C (-436.0 – 1832.0°F)
Type J -210 – 1200°C (-346.0 – 2192.0 °F)
Type K -245 - 1372°C (-409.0 – 2501.6°F) 
Type N -229 - 1300°C (-380.2 – 2372.0°F)
Type R - 1768°C (75.2 – 3214.4°F)
Type S - 1768°C (69.8 – 3214.4°F)
Type T -251 - 400°C (-419.8 – 752.0°F)
General Specifications:
(Unless otherwise indicated all specifications are rated from a nominal 23 °C, 70 % RH for 1 year from calibration)
Temperature Range -25 to 60 °C (-10 to 140 °F)
Relative Humidity Range 10 % ≤RH ≤90 % (0 to 35 °C), Non-condensing
10 % ≤RH≤ 70 % (35 to 60 °C), Non-condensing
Size 4.9 X 3.15 X 1.82 inches (125.5 X 80 X 46.2 mm)
Weight 9.1 oz (258 grams)
Battery 9V Alkaline provides 45 hours of continuous use
Miscellaneous Low battery indication with nominal 1 hour of operation left
Overload Protected to 60V for 30 seconds or less
High contrast graphic liquid crystal display with 0.357” (9.07 mm) high digits
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
520PIECAL PIE 520 Single Thermocouple (T/C) Simulator  Discontinued
520EW PIE 520RW Single T/C Simulator with 3 year Replacement Warranty  Discontinued
520RW PIE 520RW Single T/C Simulator with 3 year Replacement Warranty  Discontinued