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PIE 820-RW

Multifunction Single Channel Calibrator with Replacement Warranty

Brand: PIE
Model No: 820-RW
Our Model No: 820RW
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 3 year repair warranty
  • Lighten up your toolbox
  • Technician friendly operation
  • Use it as a milliamp and voltage calibrator
  • Calibrate directly in temperature (°C and °F)
  • Checkout flow and vibration systems
  • Troubleshoot loop and wiring problems
  • Easy to read
  • Quickly set any three outputs plus automatic stepping and ramping
  • Measure temperature sensors, frequency pickups, loop currents and voltage levels
  • Evolutionary design
  • For more processing power, see the PIE 820-ELITE Multifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator

The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) PIECAL 820RW is smaller and easier to use than other multifunction calibrators. Six single function calibrators with advanced features are squeezed into a single surprisingly small package that fits into a pocket.

This technician friendly calibrator is all about ease of use. An intuitive EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes it simpler to setup than larger calibrators with their complicated button filled panels and confusing menus. Use the PIECAL 820 right out of the box instead of wasting time learning to use more complex calibrators.

The PIECAL 820 Process Calibrator combines all milliamp loop functions and sources and reads DC Volts and millivolts, 14 thermocouple types, 9 RTD curves, ohms and process frequency signals. For troubleshooting connections it has a continuity tester with tone. All ranges have auto storing MIN/MAX readings and three output set points for fast calibration of zero, midpoint and span. Advanced features include automatic detection of 2, 3 and 4 wire RTDs plus configurable automatic stepping and ramping. A LED flashes green for frequency sync and lights up red for signal overload and invalid signal conditions.

The toolbox tough design includes a backlit display for use in dark environments, protective rubber boot with built in stand, Hands-Free carrying case and test leads. NIST Calibration Certificate and three Year warranty are included at no extra cost. Optional six Year extended warranty is available for low total cost of ownership. Or choose the 3 Year replacement warranty and eliminate unbudgeted expenses when the calibrator is used where equipment is regularly damaged.

The PIECAL 820 is the best value multifunction calibrator combining ease of use, accuracy, signal compatibility and compact size to make calibration as easy as pie!

The PIECAL 820RW includes a 3 Year Replacement Warranty.

  • 1 - Blue Rubber Boot
  • 1 - Evolution Hands-Free Carrying Case (w/ Shoulder Strap)
  • 2 - Sets of Test Leads (w/ Spade Lugs for RTD and ohms)
  • 1 - Set of Test Leads (w/ Alligator Clips for Milliamp, Volt, Frequency, & Continuity)
  • 1 - NIST Traceable Calibration Reoirt & Certificate
  • 1 - 3-Year Repair/Replacement Warranty
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