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PIE 020-0210-E

Type E Mini Thermocouple Plug with Stranded Thermocouple Wire

Brand: PIE
Model No: 020-0210-E
Our Model No: 0200210E
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • For use with the PIE 322-I, 422, 520B, 521B, 525B, 820, 820 ELITE, 830, & 850 calibrators

The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) PIECAL 020-0210E is a type E mini thermocouple plug with stranded thermocouple wire.

Model Description Buy Now Price
322-1 PIE 322-1 Four Thermocouple Type Calibrator (Type J, K, T, E & mV) Add to Cart


422 PIE 422 Multiple Thermocouple Type Calibrator for 14 Types, mV/0.1° Add to Cart


520B-J PIE 520B-TYPE-J Single Thermocouple Calibrator, Source Only, Configured for Type J Add to Cart


521B PIE 521B 14 Thermocouple Type Calibrator Add to Cart


525B PIE 525B Automated Thermocouple & RTD Calibrator Add to Cart


820 PIE 820 Multifunction Single Channel Calibrator Add to Cart


820-ELITE PIE 820-ELITE Multifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator Add to Cart


830 PIE 830 High Accuracy Multifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator with Dual Display Add to Cart


850 PIE 850 Multifunction Process Calibrator with Loop Diagnostics, 10-50 mA Add to Cart


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