DK-Technologies MSD100 Series
Audio Analyzers

  • Phasemeter
  • Audio Vector Oscilloscope
  • Level Meter with 6 Selectable Scales Including VU
  • Selectable Reference Level for Each Scale
  • 1/3-Octave Spectrum Analyzer (MSD100T/SA and MSD100AES/SA)
  • FFT-Spectrum Analyzer (MSD100T/SA and MSD100AES/SA)
  • LED Overload Indicator 
  • Peak Hold
  • Digital Data Readout (MSD100AES/SA)
  • 20 dB Gain
  • Rugged Metal Cabinet with Mounting Bracket

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The MSD100-Series Master Stereo Displays is the inexpensive entry into the professional audio metering world, while still offering the main metering tools such as phasemeter, audio vector oscilloscope, and level meter with selectable scales. Two of the three models even feature both 1/3-octave and FFT-spectrum analyzers.


This is the cheapest of the lot. While it is primarily intended for semi-professional use or home studios, it still retains all the professional qualities of a DK-Technologies meter, and includes all the main functions (except spectrum analyzer). Besides the price, the main difference to the other models is the unbalanced inputs with RCA-phono connectors.


This is one of our best selling models. Ideal for hard disc recording and editing systems, and already in extensive use in studio and broadcast facilities around the world. In addition to the features of the MSD100 the MSD100T/SA, also includes a 1/3-octave and a FFT-spectrum analyzer, and has quality transformer balanced analog inputs with XLR connectors.


To work in the digital domain, the MSD100AES/SA has AES/EBU inputs with XLR connectors. Data of the digital AES/EBU bitstream can be read in clear text for each channel (A + B) to check signal format, origin, emphasis, sampling frequency etc.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MSD100AES/SA DK-Technologies MSD100AES/SA Master Stereo Display, 2-Channel, AES/EBU Inputs, XLR Discontinued
MSD100T/SA DK-Technologies MSD100T/SA Master Stereo Display, 2-Channel, Analog Inputs, XLR, Transformer Balanced Discontinued
MSD100 DK-Technologies MSD100 Master Stereo Display, 2-Channel, Analog Inputs, RCA-Phono Discontinued
MSDBASEO DK-Technologies MSD-BASE/O Aluminum Base for MSD Desktop Version Buy Now $180.00
MSD100-PS/O DK-Technologies MSD100-PS/O 100-240V Power Supply Adapter for MSD100-Series, 15V DC, 1A, IEC Connector Discontinued