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Phabrix PHRX1000

19 in. Single Rack Mounted Chassis w/2 Option Slots

Brand: Phabrix
Model No: PHRX1000
Our Model No: PHRX1000
Condition: NEW
Sale $4,378.86

Product Features:

  • Modular rack mount solution for broadcast infrastructure test and measurement
  • Up to 4 module bays providing up to 8 inputs and up to 4 simultaneous SDI channels of monitoring
  • Video, audio, generation, monitoring 24/7
  • Choose from a range of modules including physical layer measurement, eye and jitter
  • Full support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Optical support with looping I/O
  • Self contained unit with dual built-in preview/instrumentation screens
  • Instruments on multi-viewer at 1920 x 1080 on HDMI/SDI output
  • Simultaneous analysis and monitoring of up to 4 SDI channels
  • Dolby E / AES support
  • Ideal for OB operations, engineering bay, broadcast manufacturing
  • Assurred ROI, low weight, low power (from 16W)
  • Full generator as standard 32 patterns
  • Analysis includes waveform, vectorscope, data toolsets
  • 16 channels embedded audio, level meters, phase meters
  • Up to 4 channel (stereo pair or 5.1 group) Loudness meter and logging
  • SDI input ANC Timecode, reference VITC and LTC support
  • Ethernet upgrade, connect and download for firmware and software
  • Cool operation
  • 2 year warranty (once registered)
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Applications:
  • Broadcast manufacturing
  • OB facilities, flyaways and trucks
  • Camera shading
  • Production monitoring
  • Control room
  • Transmission remote control
  • Editing/Color correction
  • 3D application
  • Telco

The PHABRIX PHRX1000 offers test and measurement instrumentation within a 19 inch(482 mm) width, 1U rasterizer format. Configurable with a range of functions using its modular structure, the PHRX 1000 makes full use of its clever HDMI or SDI output. Unique for a rasterizer, an onboard graphic display allows feedback for engineer, or operator input; it clearly shows a range of presets and instrument operations without the need to glance at a remote monitor. Onboard digital control and HDMI/SDI output to external screen at 1920 x 1080 is standard.

The PHRX-1000 range allows a flexible approach to configuring test and measurement on a new technological platform designed for longevity.

Modular design

Modular means choice, and with that choice is the ability to create the solution that matches the requirements of each, individual broadcasting environment.

Adding modules is like adding an independent new instrument. There is no 'overhead' demand on the platform, each module has its own dedicated FPGA allowing independence of function within a connected structure.

The Platform

The PHRX1000 range uses a PHABRIX 'layering' module which sits at the heart of the system. Here signals from each independent instrument on board are processed to provide a variety of instrument displays.

Unhindered by any processing restraints, the layer board provides an output display up to a staggering 1920 x 1080 pixels with perfect scaling via HDMI or SDI. In practice the PHRX1000 acts like a T&M multi monitor providing scaled instruments over any selected video input.

The layer board also has provision for AES input. Bi/Tri level looping reference is a standard provision; a D26 way connector allows GPI, LTC control and analog audio.

Dual USB ports can be used for mouse and keyboard control.

TCP/IP Ethernet provides remote control access to the PHRX-1000 range using any web browser. It is also the method for updating firmware and software via PHABRIX's dedicated server. Simply select and forget for effortless upgrades.

Power is provided via a locking XLR input supporting an external 9-17V DC transformer. The system has an automatic 'last know configuration' fail safe should there be a power outage.

A super quiet fan assembly is temperature controlled to operate in extreme conditions thus reducing any distracting ambient fan noise.

Modules can be inserted into rail guided bays. Once inserted, the PHRX1000 checks the identity of the module, then seamlessly incorporates it into the system.

The PHRX1000 also supports SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals as standard.

Over 400 different formats can be analysed or generated by the PHRX1000 including Dual-Link and 3G level A and B with 2K.


Each PHRX1000 can be enhanced with different modules. Optical support is available using the onboard SFP where applicable. Modules include analysis with the addition of eye and jitter physical layer (if required). Generator modules offer the full range of industry standard SMPTE signals. Audio support includes AES, Dolby E, D, D+ and Pulse.

Operating system

The PHRX1000 uses ultra reliable Linux as its operating system, providing a robust and stable core. This dedicated solution provides confidence that the PHRX1000 will always be available throughout its 24/7 operation.

The Rx range of products provide a Monitor output in the form of an HDMI output that can display up to 16 instrument windows at 1920 x 1080 resolution. This Monitor output display can display the pre-sets selected by the “Pre-set Buttons” and can be controlled by a USB mouse and keyboard connected to the Rx instrument.

Each Analyzer module allows a video clip to be captured for analysis and playback. The video clip contains the full SDI data frame including video data, metadata and audio data. The video clip can be recorded manually or can be triggered by a number of different events such as EDH and CRC errors.

The frame difference between the AV Delay Test pattern and audio tone provided by the Generator module can be checked using the Frame Grab system. The AV delay check relies on the constant movement of the Clapper board on the AV Delay Test pattern and how far it has moved from the centre of the test pattern with respect to the audio tone (peaking at -9dBs).

The Rx system provides a single Loudness meter as standard. Loudness is measured in accordance with ITU 1770 and EBU Recommendation 128 which define the measurement in terms of Loudness Units (UI), Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS), Loudness K-weighted Full Scale (LKFS) over different time periods.

The Rx instrument is fully network compatible and has a complete network interface to allow control of any Rx instrument from any other unit. The Network menu allows the Rx instrument to be configured as part of a network.

  • 1 - 19 in. Single Rack Mounted Chassis w/2 Option Slots
  • 1 - Power Supply Unit
  • 1 - Mains Lead
  • 1 - CD Manual
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PHRXO-4CAP PHABRIX PHRXO-4CAP 4-Channel Closed Caption Software for PHRXM-A/PHRXM-AG/PHRXM-AGE/PHRX Add to Cart
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Sale $826.20
Sale $688.50
PHRXO-BDG PHABRIX PHRXO-BDG Dolby Metadata Generator Software for PHRXM-AG/PHRXM-AGE/PHRX Add to Cart
Sale $688.50
PHRXO-EA PHABRIX PHRXO-EA Advanced Physical Layer Analysis Software for PHRXM-AG/PHRXM-AGE/PHRX Add to Cart
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PHRXO-SD PHABRIX PHRXO-SD HD/SD-SDI Data Analyzer/Ancillary Packet Analyzer Software for PHRX Add to Cart
Sale $1,028.16
PHSFP-2T30-1310 PHABRIX PHSFP-2T30-1310 1310nm 2-Channel Optical Transmitter Non-MSA PHSFP Module for PHRXM-GDL/PHRX Discontinued
PHSFP-2T30-1310 PHABRIX PHSFP-2T30-1310 1310nm 2-Channel Optical Transmitter Non-MSA PHSFP Module for PHRXM-GDL/PHRX Discontinued
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