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Click for larger imagePHABRIX PHSXOSD SDI Analysis Software for PHSXAES/PHSXDL/PHSXE


SDI Analysis Software for PHSXAES/PHSXDL/PHSXE

Brand: Phabrix
Our Model No: PHSXOSD
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Detailed data words in SDI stream
  • Continuous update
  • Selectable views, grid, stream component, split
  • Data ID (DID) anciallry packet view
  • Superior ease of use applications
  • R&D/Test departments
  • System integrators
  • Support engineers
  • For use w/PHSXAES, PHSXDL, & PHSXE Video Test Signal Generator/Monitors/Analyzers

The PHABRIX PHSXOSD SDI Analysis Software option provides the engineer with a detailed view of the data words contained within the SDI stream. This allows the analysis of complex faults and is particularly useful when determining compatibility issues between equipment and when debugging new product developments within an R&D environment. Detail within the active SDI stream can be viewed with continuous update. Analysis can be obtained from the generated or received SDI stream allowing quick comparison checks.

A number of screen displays are provided for analysis.


With reference to pixels at the top of the screen and lines along the left side of the screen, users can look within an x, y grid of pixel and ancillary data. Samples can be viewed as 8 or 10 bit, hex or decimal. Navigation is simple and fast using the thumb pad with the selected value highlighted in white. A separate entry box allows a specific line and sample to be selected. Both the background and foreground text colors are coded for ease of identification. The background color at any time represents the FVH bits within the TRS words. In this way the operator can determine if a data element is active picture, vertical blanking, horizontal blanking, field 1, field 2 or TRS. The foreground color gives an indication of the type of pixel data being viewed – Y, Cb, Cr, R, G or B.


This allows the SDI continuous stream to be viewed. SD-SDI signals are represented by a 10bit stream and HD/3G-SDI by a 20 bit stream. A further column provides information to aid the user in identifying data types.


The component view splits the display into 3 columns displaying Y, Cb and Cr data as10/8 bit, hex or decimal.


This mode splits the SDI stream further into the components 'Cb Y Cr Y’ as 10/8 bit, binary, hex or decimal.

Ancillary Data

This separate window allows the user to capture whole Ancillary data packets identified by their data id (DID). Entering a known DID value or by selecting its descriptive text, the Ancillary packet will be continuously displayed if present within the SDI signal. Data values containing errors found will be displayed in red text. The data may be frozen on screen once captured. There is also a freeze on error check box.

  • 1 - SDI Analysis Software
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