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Click for larger imagePHABRIX PHSXOZ Programmable Zone Plate Software for PHSXAES/PHSXDL/PHSXE

Phabrix PHSXOZ

Programmable Zone Plate Software for PHSXAES/PHSXDL/PHSXE

Brand: Phabrix
Model No: PHSXOZ
Our Model No: PHSXOZ
Condition: NEW
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Sale $339.66

Product Features:

  • Programmable zone plate
  • Memory stored selection
  • Spatial and temporal control
  • Frequency sweeps
  • Sll formats supported
  • Aspects ratio 4:3 & 16:9
  • Applications:
  • R&D departments
  • System integrators
  • Support engineers
  • For use w/PHSXAES, PHSXDL, & PHSXE Video Test Signal Generator/Monitors/Analyzers

This PHABRIX PHSXOZ Programmable Zone Plate Software option adds a range of pre-programmed zone plate patterns along with user defined controls over several parameters which can be saved to custom buffers.

Moving zone plates provide a very useful 'dynamic' pattern for testing a range of video processing equipment. Spacial and temporal controls are particularly useful for testing up/down converters, image scalers and applications which compress signals. Frequency sweep testing using the zone plate is particularly useful in determining the usable bandwidth of the system. All formats are supported using this option including 16:9 and 4:3 aspects, each pattern automatically scales for the chosen format.

  • 1 - Programmable Zone Plate Software
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(155 KB)
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