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Dolby Generator/Analyzer Software for PHSX

Brand: Phabrix
Our Model No: PHSXODAG
Condition: NEW
Sale $1,028.16

Product Features:

  • Intelligent metadata viewer w/color coding for legal, illegal and irrelevant values
  • 8 channel audio metering
  • Guard band analysis
  • Unique closed loop testing when linked to generator
  • Logging of CRC errors, guard band timing,common and program metadata
  • Operates with all SD/HD and 3G video standards
  • For use w/PHSXE Video Test Signal Generator/Monitors/Analyzers

The PHABRIX PHSXO-DAG Dolby Generator/Analyzer Software option provides broadcast engineers with a highly functional set of tools for Dolby streaming. It is unique in being the world’s first metadata Dolby generator with editable profiles.

With a selection of Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus streams to choose from, engineers can quickly enter and adjust parameters to check broadcast infrastructure. This option allows the display of Dolby meta data present in a selected audio stream and determines whether the Dolby-E packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream.

Dolby streams are provided for all program configurations with fixed audio data. Among the tools included in the Dolby E streaming option is the ability to adjust the 'start of frame' for Dolby E packets.The generated Dolby follows the video generator reference source. There is also the ability to edit the program configuration and bit depth with fixed audio signal. The PCM stream can be carried on any embedded or AES pair. The option can sets the video line number where the internally generated Dolby E test stream begins. Meta data can be edited by the user and stored in memories.

The Dolby E Analyzer allows the display of Dolby meta data present in a selected audio stream and determines whether the Dolby-E packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream. The Dolby audio may be monitored from any of the SDI input embedded audio channel pairs or the AES input.

In use the new start menu window displays both the V Bit information and PCM values along with a snapshot of the Dolby metadata if a Dolby signal is present. Using the Signal Information Menu > Dolby will present the full analysis display which forms the major analytical tool for this release.

The Dolby metadata screen carries primary information including signal source, Dolby-E ‘guard band’ timing, CRC errors, program channel and metadata detail. The characters shown in white will only be presented when a Dolby signal is introduced into the unit.

Peak audio levels included in the Dolby-E meta data packet are displayed allowing the user to select the appropriate set of meters to display Dolby levels which will follow the selected Dolby-E source. Logging for Dolby errors, Timing, Common metadata and Program metadata can be also be controlled.

This combined option allow a closed loop test scenario with both generation and analysis toolsets.

Please Note: This option does NOT generate Dolby audio, but DOES provide user-defineable Dolby Metadata.

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