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Advanced Eye/Jitter Analysis Software for PHSX

Brand: Pelican
Our Model No: PHSXOEA
Condition: NEW
Sale $1,028.16

Product Features:

  • Eye/Jitter anaylisis software
  • For use w/PHSXE Video Test Signal Generator/Monitors/Analyzers

The PHABRIX PHSXEA Eye/Jitter Analysis Software options adds an additional jitter screen, plus enhancements to the eye display and is focussed toward broadcast manufacturers who have a need for high-end analysis tools.


Histograms give statistical information which can be used to accurately measure rise time, fall time and amplitude. These automatic accurate measurements can then be logged for extended periods of time. Measurements like rise time and fall time are notoriously difficult to make with SDI signals; here, the PHABRIX SxE excels, providing user friendly automatic measurements, even in the presence of excessive jitter.

Decade Filters

In addition to the standard timing and alignment jitter filters, decade filters are provided allowing an engineer to analyse the frequency content of any jitter present. The number of eyes displayed is adjustable from one eye up to one frame of eyes – a useful feature for detecting source related power supply problems.

Multi-Eye Display

Multiple eye selection also enables analysis when serialiser jitter is present: Products process video in either a 10 or 20 bit parallel data domain which is subsequently transmitted as a single bit serial data stream. By triggering every 10 or 20 eyes you can reveal repetitive parallel/serial clock domain jitter in equipment being analysed.

Full Screeen Jitter Display

The separate jitter analysis screen incorporated into the advanced option enables the engineer to analyse the nature of jitter present using a graph of jitter versus time. Again, the decade filters are present and the time base can be adjusted from 1 line through to 1 frame. By analysing jitter in this detailed way an engineer can determine if a signal is in or out of specification and also get a feel for where any problems lie. A spiky waveform could indicate power supply noise and these visual clues aid the diagnosis. Vertical gain and horizontal magnify controls are provided to help further identify problems.

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