Oscium WiPry-Power
100 MHz to 2.7 GHz Dynamic Power Meter
for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
Replaced by: WIPRYCOMBO

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Oscium Wipry-Power
Power Meter Shown
Oscium WiPry-Power Dynamic Power Meter Attachment with Apple iPhone Oscium WiPry-Power Dynamic Power Meter Attachement for the Ipad Side view of a Oscium WiPry-Power with an iPad
Front view of the Oscium WiPry-Power Dynamic Power Meter Back view of the Oscium WiPry-Power Dynamic Power Meter Oscium WiPry-Power Size Comparison
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  • World's First Power Meter Accessory for the iOS Platform
  • Broadband operation from 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz (covers 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM band)
  • Dynamic Range 65 dB; -45 dBm to +20 dBm
  • Amplitude resolution 0.2 dBm
  • Adjustable time scale between 2 usec/Div and 1 sec/Div
  • Programmable internal attenuation from 0 to 28 dB in 4 dB steps
  • External attenuation compensation from 0.00to 49.99 dB; 0.01 dB increments
  • Export measurement data with screen shots and csv files
  • Ability to Capture, Trigger and Record the Actual Power Output of RF Amplitude
  • Display Configuration Can Be Saved for On-the-go Measurements
  • Two Finger Stretch Zooms In and Out of Scaling; No More Buttons and Knobs
  • Data Logging (in csv format)
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Low cost alternative to bench top instruments without sacrificing capability
  • Easiest, Most Intuitive Power Meter You’ll Ever Use
  • Preferred Power Meter for the Next Generation of Inventors
  • Free Demo available through iTunes
  • For a combination of the Dymanic Power meter and the Spectrum Analyzer, check out the Oscium-Combo Spectrum Analyzer & Dynamic Power Meter Combo

Oscium's WiPry-Power Dynamic Power Meter for iOS merges the dynamic power meter and the iOS family of products (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) into one product. With the Oscium WiPry-Power, your phone, touch or tablet now becomes a powerful test equipment tool that you can use on-the-go. The Oscium WiPry-Power brings the typical LCD style RF power measurements to a graphical interface showing you the waveform of the amplitude with respect to time. The Oscium Wipry Power Meter operates exactly like an oscilloscope but instead of showing voltage, you get RF amplitude! This means that you can capture, trigger, and record the actual power output as you would a voltage on an oscilloscope. This is extremely powerful for protocol verification and the troubleshooting of wireless devices.

With the optional conducted measurement kit, the Oscium WiPry-Combo, a Combination of the Oscium Wipry-Spectrum and the Wipry-Power is also capable of conducted measurements as well as non-RF related triggering. Data is collected at up to 12 MSPS allowing you to analyze and verify the smallest protocol level on/off times. Overall, the Oscium WiPry-Power adds yet another tool to your "iOS Test" toolbox.

Click here for a larger image - Oscium Wipry-Power Power Meter
(External trigger not included)
RF Amplitude Visualized!
Oscium Wipry-Power RF Amplitude Visualized
The Oscium WiPry-Power dynamic power meter graphically displays your RF data with respect to time. Up to six different measurements can be displayed in the top right corner of the screen with additional metrics available at the bottom through the cursors. Packets can be triggered using touch-and-drag trigger level to the right. Oscium WiPry-Power is the easiest, most intuitive power meter you'll ever use. It's perfect for the next generation of inventors!

Easy to Use
The touchscreen of teh Oscium WiPry Power Meter's interface is so intuitive and easy to use that you'll want to take it with you everywhere, which you can do because it fits in your pocket. Test drive the Oscium Wipry-Power's graphic-rich interface in the App Store and you'll quickly see why WiPry-Power is the preferred tool for the next generation of inventors. The future of test equipment is here.

Frequency Range: 100-2.7GHz
Antenna: External with SMB connector
Power Range: -45dBm to +20dBm
Amplitude Resolution: 0.2 dBm

Optional: Conducted Measurement Kit
Two additional external triggers are available for purchase (not included in WiPry-Power) allowing you to trigger on a non-RF related event. Conducted measurements can also be made using the SMA and reverse polarity SMA adapters. The following are included in the optional kit: three custom SMB Grabbers, Harness, SMA Adapter, and Reverse Polarity SMA Adapter.

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WIPRYPOWER Oscium WiPry-Power 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz Dynamic Power Meter for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - 30 pin Dock Connector
  • 1 - 2.4GHz - 2.5 GHZ Antenna