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Onset U20L-02

HOBO 100 ft. Freshwater/Saltwater Water Level Data Logger

Brand: Onset
Model No: U20L-02
Our Model No: U20L02
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • NOTE: This product requires HOBOware software (USB interface cable included w/BHW-PRO-CD purchase, ONLY)
  • Self-contained non-vented design enables easy deployment
  • Ideal for use in both fresh and saltwater environments, including wells, streams, lakes, wetlands, and tidal areas
  • Depths up to 100 feet
  • Durable ceramic pressure sensor withstands freezing
  • HOBOware Pro software provides easy conversion to accurate water level reading, fully compensated for barometric pressure, temperature, and water density
  • Environments: The U20L-02 Data Logger is for use in Outdoor and Underwater environments
  • Measurements: Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Water Level
  • Range: 0 to 400 kPa (0 to 58 psia); approximately 0 to 30.6m (0 to 100') of water depth at sea level, or 0 to 33.6m (0 to 111') of water at 3,000m (10,000') of altitude
  • Accuracy: Typical error: ±0.1% FS, 3.0cm (0.1') water
  • Maximum error: ±0.2% FS, 6.0cm (0.2') water

The Onset HOBO U20L-02 Water Level Data Logger is a low-cost, research-grade instrument for continuously measuring water level and temperature in a wide range (up to 100 feet) of underwater environments. It features 0.1% accuracy, a polypropylene housing for use in both fresh and salt water, and a non-vented design for convenient and hassle-free deployment.

Note: A calibration certificate is not offered for this logger. If you require a NIST-traceable calibration certificate, please see the U20-001-02 (freshwater) or U20-001-02-Ti (saltwater) data loggers.

Note: U20L-02 data loggers require the HOBOware software (free to download) to operate. Please also note that a USB interface cable comes with the purchase of a HOBOware Pro CD (BHW-PRO-CD), only.

  • 1 - HOBO 100 ft. Freshwater/Saltwater Water Level Data Logger
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    BHW-PRO-CD Onset BHW-PRO-CD HOBOware PRO v.3.x for PC & Mac Add to Cart


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    COUPLER2-C Onset COUPLER2-C Replacement Coupler for U20L, U22, U24, and U26 Data Loggers Add to Cart


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    BASE-U-4 Onset BASE-U-4 Optic USB Base Station Add to Cart


    Onset U20L-02 HOBO 100ft. Water Level Data Logger
    Onset U20L-02
    HOBO 100ft. Water Level Data Logger
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