Ohaus ION-100A

  • Fan-Free Technology Neutralizes Static with No Sample Disruption—ION-100A’s electrodes continuously generate bipolar ions through DC corona (fan-free technology). The positive and negative ions are created by two electrodes that direct the ionized air onto the sample. Through this fan-free technology, the ION-100A neutralizes static charges without the production of air streams.
  • An Easily Replaceable Long-Running Motor—The ionizer’s durable electrodes, which have an estimated operating life of 15,000 hours, can be easily replaced as necessary.
  • A Compact and Versatile Design—The ionizer’s height and angle can be adjusted for optimal alignment with the balance, while its small footprint takes up minimal space on the lab bench.
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ION-100A ionizer optimizes the accuracy of results when weighing extremely finite samples by mitigating static charges that can lead to inaccuracies. ION100A eliminates static electricity on plastic and glass weighing vessels which are particularly prone to attracting static charges. The ION-100A ionizer used with an OHAUS balance adds an extra level of assurance that outside factors will not impact the accuracy of weighing data.

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